All ideas or suggestions made on this board for Fleshlight and/or Fleshjack products become the sole intellectual property of ILF inc. Please understand that ILF inc. may at any time use suggestions or ideas posted by members of this forum without any consent or compensation.


We will have ZERO tolerance for the following:

- Selling items through the forum.
- Using the forum to push sales to an affiliate account.
- Using the forum for financial gain.
- Making deals with foreign customers to send them product.

I know a lot of this has been going on between private messaging. If we find anyone doing it again, I will turn off the feature. This will also result in an immediate and irreversible lifetime ban.

Forums Rules:
If someone is breaking these rules, please PM me (SarahLIFE) and I will take care of it.

Age Restriction:
You must be 18+ to use this site. If we find out that you are under 18, we will ban you from participating until you are of legal age.

Competitor Websites / Products
If anyone sends you a private message trying to advertise a website, please forward the message to me.

Do not post affiliate links.

Do not post reviews of any kind regarding other retailers.

Do not post links to competitor products. ILF wishes to imply a restriction on advertising other products.

Selling Products / Passwords

General rule: do not try to sell ANYTHING in these forums. That includes:
  • Cracked passwords
  • Used Fleshlights
  • Unwanted Fleshlights
  • Other products

If someone PMs you trying to sell anything, please let me (SarahLIFE) know.

Posts (language and content) this is new

We have ZERO TOLERANCE for comments that are rude, inappropriate, disrespectful, offensive, misogynistic, homophobic, racist, sexist, insulting, or otherwise negative against a person / group of peoples. The comment will be edited out or deleted, and you will receive a warning through the PM system. If you do it again, you will be banned.

There will be no:
  • slut shaming (calling women whores or sluts because they enjoy sex)
  • rape jokes or any content that speaks of non-consent in a positive light
  • racist comments or jokes
  • insulting or rude comments directed at individual forum members, or people in the lives of the forum members (parents, siblings, SOs, etc)
  • homophobic comments or jokes
  • basically disrespectful, rude, insulting, inappropriate, offensive, or otherwise negative comments directed at individual members or a group of members/people

This boils down to one simple and HEAVILY ENFORCED rule: be respectful of everyone else (forum members and non-forum members) while participating in these forums. I cannot stress this enough.

Posts (spamming, urls, pictures, +k)

Do not spam the forums (make an undue number of posts in a short period of time)

Do not ask for +k (Karma points... basically adds to your reputation on the forums. more on karma below). If someone thinks that you posted something helpful, they will give you +k without being asked.

Do not post advertisements for other websites or products. This includes in pictures or urls.

Do not attempt to ''Cookie Stuff''.

Email offers are not to be shared on the forum, these links are exclusively for those who signed up to receive special offers from ILF.

Do not post questions regarding the identity of models on Privacy is of the utmost importance to ILF. If the models wanted their identities known, we would have notations like Any threads found breaking this rule will be deleted.

Do not post child (under 18) nudity or pornography. This is illegal.

You may post urls and pictures, but they may not contain links to other websites or products.

Do not participate in flame baiting/trolling, which happens when some one tries to start a fight, call you names or derail a thread by starting off topic arguments.

User Profile Guidelines

Avatars are allowed. Simple nudity is allowed but there is to be no explicit sexual pictures. There is a technicality in US Law regulation that says since these images show no proof of the model's age or identity, the poster could be sued by the Government.

General Stuff

We love to hear your ideas and thoughts, please post your thread in the correct forum, for example a Testimonial goes in the Testimonial forum.

Posters are encouraged to use the reputation system but not to abuse it.

Forum Help:

Tools for Beginners:

The search tool can answer a lot of redundant questions that may have already been answered on the forums. If you are looking for information in a hurry, please use this feature.

Look at the Beginners Guide sticky in the Fleshlife forums. I have tried to answer the majority of the repeat questions we get from first-time buyers in an easy-to-read format there, so you have all the information in one place.

Karma (+k)

Karma is basically reputation points on the forums. If someone likes what you've said, they will send you karma points (abbreviated to +k) as a thank you. The more posts people like, the more karma you will have.

Your karma points show up as a little green bar right under your user name in all of your posts. The longer the bar, the more helpful you've been on the forums!

To view your karma (which posts it came from, who sent it, why they sent it) click on your "settings" tab at the top and it should appear immediately. It only shows the last 5 karma points you've received, so check it regularly.

Positive karma is green, negative karma is red.

You can send someone karma by clicking on the star icon on the bottom left side of their post (under their user name and karma bar). The pop-up will ask you if you want to send positive or negative points, and then it asks you to add an optional comment.

Contacting ILF:

Contact SarahLIFE if you have any questions or want to report any illegal forums activity. She is the most active member of the company on the forums.

To contact customer service, check out this link:

ILFCustomerService is the customer service's user name on these forums. You may PM them as well if you like.

Blocking other forum members from contacting you

If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your 'Ignore List'. To do this:

Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, type their name into the empty text box and click 'Okay'.

Reporting posts

You will find 'Report' links in many places throughout the board. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal.

Account Activation:

New accounts are activated manually by admin. Moderators cannot activate accounts.

Most accounts are activated within 48 hours. The reason for manual activation is to reduce the chance that a spammer will gain posting privileges on the forums.

If the activation of your account takes longer than expected, feel free to send a private message to admin.

We do not activate accounts over the weekends, so check back first thing Monday morning if you register after 6:00 pm CST on a Friday.

Member Titles:

FLight Attendant 0-100 Posts
FLight Navigator 100-499 Posts
FLight First Officer 500-999 Posts
FLight Captain 1000+ Posts

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