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Exactly what is gay and what is not?

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    Re: Exactly what is gay and what is not?

    Originally posted by SarahLIFE View Post

    Most people view male and female as two separate categories that never mix. But I think that everyone lies somewhere along this line, and VERY FEW people lie on the extreme ends (where someone is “purely” male or female). I think that people occupy different positions on this sliding scale, ranging anywhere from “purely male,” to a little of both, to “purely female.” Not only that, but where they land on the scale can change as their life goes on. Same for sexuality, if we are going to define it as an identity.

    gay straight

    Like gender, people are vary rarely fully on one side or the other. Sexuality is a fluid thing, it is a reaction of brain chemicals. We can be attracted to females yet fantasize about men. Or we can be attracted to men and fantasize about women. Or we can have sex with both and still identify as straight. Everybody exists on this sliding scale of sexuality and it really doesn’t matter where they land, as long as they are comfortable with it themselves. In addition, people will move left and right on the scale as their lives change, and again it doesn’t make a difference to who they are as a person.

    This scale is exactly what came to mind when I saw this thread... otherwise known as the Kinsey Scale.
    0 Exclusively heterosexual
    1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
    2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
    3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual
    4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
    5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
    6 Exclusively homosexual
    X Non-sexual

    So it looks like the OP may be a 1 or 2 on the scale.

    Personally, I am probably a 1. I am only interested in having sex with females... and am not interested in male/male porn. That said, I will and have participated in MFM and MFMF where the guys do not touch each other, and I feel some men and certain penis' are visually attractive in art and photography.


      Re: Exactly what is gay and what is not?

      I'd say I am a 1, leaning on 2. Mostly chick porn, but on often occasion I do get really super kinky horny and I surf a fair amount of gay porn, I do admit it. So in my masturbatory fantasies I probably go all the way to 3..

      I really like using my dildos when I am watching gay porn.

      See, today is a perfect example of how my tastes change--for the last two weeks I have really really really been into hot young blondes (getting assfucked)! I guess mainly because I have been editing together all this porn, just massive amounts of lesbian anal porn!!...just having the time of my life!! Good jacking today! ...Finally today, after two weeks, my mind just suddenly clicked into gay mode. Today I have watched nothing but gay porn. I have had one of the best dildo escapades I have had in a couple of weeks!! Really gettin' off on watching a lot of big dicks, balls, butt holes and cum!!!

      Tonight I will have a nice gay jack off session and then tomorrow my tastes will probably go back to hot young chicks having sweet buttplay, they always do. And I'll stay all horny on hot young gals for a week or two. Then I'll get all gay horny and do it all over again.
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        Re: Exactly what is gay and what is not?

        I'm kind of divided on the question of desire vs action. SLECTOR - I think you're a great example of this. If a man fantasises about men having sex but has no desire to do it, is that same sex desire or isn't it? It's an open question, I genuinely don't know the answer. Compare that to a guy who isn't actually attracted to other men but is willing to be jerked or sucked off by them because it's an easy way to get his rocks off. How does that compare to someone who fantasises about same sex but doesn't have the will to do it? Again, open question.


          Re: Exactly what is gay and what is not?

          I'd say your probably like a 1 on the kinnsey scale so basically bi enough to be turned on by it but not bi enough to do anything. Gay, straight or bi are labels you choose to use/relate to.

          Gay only interested in men
          Bi interested in both(which can be very fluid and complicated)
          Straight only interest in the opposite.

          The fact that you posted this and openly admit this makes you a very secure man.