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My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

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    Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

    Originally posted by Ninety Seven View Post
    You could have changed it to an SUV or something, just for the story.

    I'm looking forward to the next installment, with fireworks.
    Well, its just part of my technique of mixing fact with fiction. Leaving it up to the reader to guess which is which. It's like movies that state "Based on a true story"...but they change half of it to make it more exciting. Well, I do that to some parts. And other parts remain the same.

    But more minivan stories. LoL


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      Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

      Originally posted by KssnCzns View Post
      Well, its just part of my technique of mixing fact with fiction. Leaving it up to the reader to guess which is which. It's like movies that state "Based on a true story"...but they change half of it to make it more exciting. Well, I do that to some parts. And other parts remain the same.

      But more minivan stories. LoL
      I'm just fuckin' with ya. So when do we get the next chapter?


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        Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin


        4th of July brings about 6 families to our little dead end street. The grills are cooking, the ice chests are full, and the volleyball net is set up across the street. Everyone is mingling and having fun. Since our back yard is on an incline, all activities are out front or in the neighbors yards. So I set up a reclining lawn chair on a blanket in the back for later.

        It is starting to get dark and my wife and I slip away to the back yard. We quickly drop our shorts and she lauds back in the chair. I pull her legs up, knees towards her chest and squat down to straddle the chair. I use a little lotion I had in the arm of the chair to finger her close to climax then I enter her. We can hear all the people talking right outside the privacy fence, unaware that there is sex going on in our back yard.

        Afterward we return to the front yard. It is getting close to time to start setting off the fireworks. I kinda give my cousin a nod towards the back yard. And I tell the wife that I am going to put our grill back up before time for me to set off or fireworks. So Lisa goes through the house as if she is going to the bathroom, and I take my grill through the side gate to put it back in the yard.

        As I round the back corner of the house I see her lying naked in the lawn chair. The Moonlight glowing on her lily white skin, her knees apart, her arms reaching up over her head. .. it was the sexiest pose I could imagine. I'm so glad she correctly interpreted my nod the way she did. Knowing that I had just drained my balls into the wife less than 30min earlier, I know I won't be able to repeat that performance. But I can't pad up an opportunity to give my cousin intimate pleasure.

        I grab her panties from the blanket and quickly wrap them around her wrists, and around the top of the chair, keeping her arms raised above her head, leaving her body vulnerable to whatever I want to do. She closers her eyes and smiles as she trusts my touch. I lean over her and begin to kiss her small breasts, flicking her nipples as they quickly become aroused. I make my way down her chest, across her stomach and to her landing strip.

        Now I drop to my knees at the edge of the chair, she looks down at me as I lift her legs up and lay them across my shoulders. I slip my hands under her hips and pull her down until her firm little ass is barely on the chair her arms pulled right as her panties keep her hands tied to the top of the chair. I lower myself down to where her & I are just making eye contact. I was just for a brief few seconds, but we spoke thru or gaze just how much we love one another. She then closed her eyes, laying her head back as she anticipates the depth of my love she is about to experience.

        I feel the softness of her inner thighs against my face. I smell the aroma of her moist pussy. I place my hands up over her hips at the top of her legs. And then I lean in to.........

        ........... to be continued. .................


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          Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

          ... continued from Post #18... read it first! ! !

          So there is my cousin lying nude on a reclining lawn chair. .. her small, lily white breasts reflecting the soft Moonlight. I am kneeling between her thighs, with them draped over my shoulders. Hers arms extended over her head, her hands restrained to the chair with her panties. I take in the visual simulation of her body as she arches her back in anticipation of my tongue on her most intimate parts.

          She pulls her heels against my back as my mouth covers her smooth labia. This is my first time in this position with her. I pull her hips towards me as my tongue traces across her folds. She responds with short heavy breathes, as I find the rhythm to her motions. Her legs squeeze against my neck as I begin to probe my tongue past her lips and into her tender pussy. She moves with me as she rides the waves of arousal towards her climax.

          I press firm against her as I push my tongue as deep as I can, and as I retract I press my lips against her pussy and give it a light sucking, pulling the lips out a little before letting them go. I go from a quick teasing flick, to a deep probing with my tongue inside her. She pulls me tighter against her with her legs, until I am sucking and probing her entire pussy with my mouth and tongue. It is then that she begins her climax. I couldn't believe how much wetter her post could get. Her juices were running down her ass, and down my chin. I never let up until her body fell limp in the chair, her legs nearly slipping off the sides of my shoulders. As I raised up, she raised her head enough to make eyes contact.

          I lowered her legs, stood up over her and leaned down and pressed my mouth to hers. She immediately pushed her tongue into my mouth as we kissed deeply. Her juices still in my mouth and trickling down my face and onto her. I ran my hands over her breasts as we finished with that long deep kiss.

          Next post: "An equipment upgrade", or "The backdoor"...


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            Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

            After the fireworks were finished it was getting late. I said I was going to run to town to see what deals I could get on some more big fireworks. Of course my cousin said she would rode along. She has always been my shadow since we were growing up. There is an automatic carwash less than a mile from the house, and as soon as I was close, she told me I should go thru it. So I pulled up to it, and she said to pay for the longest cycle it had. . .

            I barely got the truck put in Park and she had the center armrest lifted up and unbuckled me and had my jeans undone and was pulling them to my knees. I helped to drop them to my ankles, and she pulled me kinda sideways where I was leaning back against the door and my butt was sitting towards the middle of the seat.

            She quickly took my cock in her mouth as my eyes rolled back in my head from the warmth of her lips on me
            She fondled my balls with one hand and had the other under my ass. I could feel myself getting erect very quickly. She slowly sucked up and down the length of my shaft
            I looked down for a moment just to see her beautiful lips around me, and my cock as it entered her mouth. It was like a dream. . .a dream I had fantasized about numerous times. At that same times she also glance up at me and we made eye contact. She pulled back where just the head es in her mouth, and we stared into each others eyes as I felt the tip of her tongue tracing soft little circles around the tip of my cockhead.

            I could barely contain myself, but I couldn't take my eyes away from her gaze. She started going back down on me, but still looking at me. As she stroked up and down I could feel myself drifting towards a climax. I had never had a blow job from the wife that made me climax before. I didn't know if Lisa kept looking at me to see when she needed to stop so I wouldn't cum in her mouth, or if she just wanted to see how I was responding to her.

            Finally it was too much to hold back, my toes curled up, I arched my back, closed my eyes. . .I tensed up as tight as I could trying to hold back the inevitable that was about to "cum"... I could feel her increase pressure on my shaft with her mouth, sucking a little harder and going s little slower as she came up the shaft then quickly back down, squeezing my balls with her hand.

            And then it happened. . .I let out a primitive moan as my cock spewed my hot seed. As soon as she felt it she grabbed to base of my shaft with her hand and sucked up and down even faster. She took everything I had into her mouth. At last I collapsed onto the seat. She slowly made her last stroke up the length of my cock, pausing slightly at the tip as sje stroked her hand up it a couple times, as if milking the last few drops of cum from my shaft. I could feel her mouth contract as she swallowed.

            I just layed there briefly, in a sort of dream like state. Trying to take in that this really just happened, and then that's when it hit me. . . What's that noise? Who's honking? ? ?

            Apparently the car wash had been stopped for a bit, and there was another vehicle getting impatient sitting being us with their lights on! ! ! We raised up as inconspicuously as we could, and we both started laughing uncontrollably!

            "We better go grab at least a few fireworks before we go back to your house" she said
            I told hervshe would have to get out and get them because my knees were still shaking! As a matter of fact, I hadn't even pulled my pants up at that point, I pulled out of the car wash that fast!!

            She leaned over on my shoulder and whispered in my ear "I love you"... I glanced down at her and said the same to her.


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              Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

              Dam...I like your stories very much. Keep them up! I always like the idea of having intimate relationships with close ones. But they are so hard to attain in real life :'( meng, tbh, I have this crazy thoughts that I wanted to work in porn industries after getting my degree. So that I get to experience with all kinds of women.


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                Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                Let's go camping:

                So we go camping with my wife's sister and her family a couple times a summer, in tents next to a natural spring-fed creek. I ended up inviting my cousin one particular time. Things were going good, there were several kids between all of us.

                The first night I noticed Lisa walking alone down the creek bank, going away from our camp site. I casually got up and walked out as if to check that the vehicles were all locked up but circled around, walking out past the reach of our lanterns at the tents. I ended up catching up with Lisa at a rock ledge that hangs out over the water, and has a second rock shelf facing back towards camp.

                She pulled her jean shorts off and layed them down to get on her knees on the rock, bracing her forearms on the second level of the rock. I dropped my swim trunks to the ground and positioned myself behind her. I untied the strings on each side of her bikini bottoms. As I stroked my cock with one hand to get it fully rigid, I placed the crotch of her bikini bottoms over my mouth and nose and gently breathed in to take in her aroma...and about that time I saw her look back over her shoulder and giggle a little as she caught me!

                I tossed the bikini bottom onto her back, and licked my first 2 fingers on my right hand and slowly stroked them across her clit. She was already getting wet! I fingered her for a little bit, as we faced towards the camp, we could see everyone sitting, walking around and talking from the lanterns around the tents...knowing that we were just outside of the light, and out of their view.

                It didn't take long and I was ready to get inside her pussy. I slowly pressed my cock against her moist lips and she braced against the rock in front of her and pushed back against me, taking me full depth with one thrust! It felt amazing. As she braced herself, I began thrusting into her...pulling back until I almost would pull out, then a full thrust back in. My balls giving her clit stimulation as well. She would throw her head back looking up to the night sky, and then drop her chin back down to her chest as I thrust into her again and again.

                I had my hands gripping her slim waist as I continued to pound against her ass. She is so slim and well built, I get such great penetration in this position! We reach our climax together as I release my seed inside of her.

                We rinse off in the clear water of the creek and head back to camp from opposite directions.

                The second night we were all in the water until really late. I went into my tent to change into dry clothes before time to start the guy's late night poker game. I decided to jack off, because that's just what I do: look for times to jack off! I didn't have a light in the tent, because I didn't want anyone to see what I was doing, and didn't really want anyone to know I was in there.

                So anyway, I hear the zipper on the side entrance to our tent. I figure it's my wife, so I decide to give her a show and let her catch me jacking off. So I lay back flat on the sleeping bag, with my eyes closed, and continue stroking it out. Then next thing I know, she wraps her wet bikini bottoms across my mouth, like a gag so I take them into my mouth, and then I feel her straddle me. She places a hand on my chest, as she squats down over my cock. I stop stroking and hold my cock straight up as she lowers her pussy onto it...damn this is feeling so freaking arousing! I just keep my eyes closed the whole time, just to add to the arousal. She just starts making slow movements up and down my cock as I lie there sucking on her moist bikini bottoms, taking in the taste of the natural spring water and the taste of her pussy.

                And then I hear it... "Has anyone seen *****? And where is Lisa?"...I heard my wife say, standing right outside the tent! I open my eyes to see my naked cousin straddled on my cock! This is the most pleasant surprise I could have wanted!!!...Then I hear the zipper on the front of the tent!

                I grab Lisa's hips and begin thrusting up into her pussy from below!! If I'm going to get caught...then it's going to be big time!!! We're talking balls-deep, full force thrusting, simultaneous orgasms big time!!!!! Lisa places her right hand over her mouth as she is about to climax!! I still have her wet bikini in my mouth, and I am clamped down on it at this time...sucking the moisture out of them!

                And then I hear my sister-in-law say "I think they went down to the waterfall with some of the kids." And the wife pulls the zipper back closed. I hear them talking only 10 feet from us as I release another load of my cum inside my cousin's hot pussy, and she collapses onto me in exhaustion. She has definitely stepped up our relationship with this "ballsy" move in mine and my wife's tent!

                I clean up right quick and step out of the front of the tent. The wife sees me right away! She comes over to me and whispers in my ear, "Were you in there jacking off while me and my sister were talking about you?" I said "Does my right hand smell like lotion?"

                She lets out a little laugh and says "You are SO naughty!" I whisper back "You have no idea!" As I here the faint sound of the zipper at the back of the tent close.


                Next time: Maybe it's time to share the love...come here little sis-n-law!!!
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                  Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                  Well, things change directions in people's lives, and I lose touch with my soul-mate who is my cousin for a number of years. There is a void in my heart that needs filled. So I begin to develop a closer relationship with my wife's younger sister, who is younger and just as attractive as my cousin.

                  C.J. has had some tough times. She was married at 18, but he divorced her 8 months later. She moved in with us and we began to get close. Then she jumped right into another marriage with a guy she just met. She never has truly been fully satisfied with him.

                  So the wife's sister was needing some stuff moved out of storage and into an apartment. So I volunteered to use my truck to help. The wife and I pick up C.J. and head to the storage unit. Knowing it was a hot day and a storage unit with no A/C, C.J. comes out in a tight fitting t-back tanktop and hot pink shorts (I'm talking some 1980's roller derby silky looking short-shorts!!) She is looking smoking hot!

                  So we get there and start stacking boxes on a 2-wheel dolly. The wife stays in the unit looking thru boxes as C.J. and I load boxes in the truck bed. My truck is a full-size 4x4, so the tailgate is kinda high. She volunteers to get in the back and stack as I put them on the tailgate. She is 5'2" so the bumper requires her to step up pretty high, which stretches her shorts up her ass and ways before she goes up to step up to the tailgate, basically putting her ass at my face level as she goes up! Not a bad view!

                  But then comes the better each time she turns back to grab a box I hold it just high enough so she bends over to take the box out of my hands, I see straight down between her small B-cup titties! She has amazingly soft smooth skin and a dark native-American skin-tone. Her cleavage looks amazing!! I strategically hand her one box at a time so I get that flash over and over and over...

                  Then as she goes to hop down from the tailgate I chivalrously take one of her hands to offer balance. And she squats down before hopping off, which pulls her skimpy shorts up tight against her pussy! So then I get another arousing view! Who knew moving boxes could be so much fun!!!

                  So back inside I get a ladder to bring down boxed from a top shelf and hand them down to her. Another great view looking down her tanktop as she gets right under me to take the boxes I'm handing down. Finally we get a full load and take it to the apartment and quickly unload it in a big stack in the living room. The wife stays there to unpack while I take her sister back for another load.

                  We are working together like a well-oiled machine. She continues to flash her cleavage as she reaches down for boxes, and I make little moves where I will touch her as she steps past, or if she carries out a box to the truck I will follow and as she leans against the tailgate to push the box in as far as she can, I will place a hand on the small of her back or on her side (just to let her know I am behind her)

                  We are getting pretty sweaty from the heat and I am getting pretty horny from watching her hot body! At one point I am handing a box down from the ladder and some dust falls down in her cleavage. I notice she keeps reaching down into her shirt and bra trying to wipe her boobs off. She sees me catch her a couple times and gives me that sly little smile and eye contact, and a little laugh. It reminds me SO much of how my cousin would do when we were alone.

                  We take a short break and I get behind her to rub her shoulders. I tell her how glad I am to be able to help and hang out with her. She begins to roll her head around as I massage a little deeper into her shoulders. I run my fingers under her tanktop and bra straps to feel her soft smooth skin. I let my fingers find their way across her shoulders and down across her collarbones. She leans her head back and then leans her body back against me, but just for a moment. Then she pulls forward away from me. "You must think I'm gross being all sweaty and dirty. I have dust all down my shirt that I can't get out of my bra, and it's driving me crazy."

                  I tell her to do something about it. "You can use the bottom of your shirt to wipe down with if you take it off." She gives me a look like "yeah, right!" I tell her "you're family. Its not like something is going to happen here."

                  Then she drops a bomb on me: "You mean like with your cousin when we went camping? I saw her sneek out of your tent right after you came out the front." And I didn't hear any talking going on in there.

                  My heart about sank. All these thoughts start rushing through my mind. Is she going to tell the wife? Is this the end? What am I going to do at this point?

                  Then she asks me "what does Lisa have that I don't? " And then she pulls her tanktop ovet her head and it drops to the floor. She is standing there in her bra and her right little shirts. Her skin glistening with sweat! As she starts stepping towards me, she reaches behind her back and releases her bra as well and tosses it back over her shoulder!. Before it hits the floor she is face to face and is pulling my shirt over my head.

                  I am still in shock, as I didn't see this coming. I am just looking down at her small B-cup breasts, wet with sweat beads trikling down from the heat of the storage unit. She says "are you going to just stand there looking? Or am I not appealling to you?" Then it just clicks inside my head and I grab her face and plant my mouth firmly on hers, our tongues immediately probing each others mouths. I feel her hands at the waist of my shorts as she unbuttons and drops them to my ankles.

                  I pull back to drop my underwear and she pulls her shorts and panties off as quickly. I grab her ass and lift her up to my level as she wraps her arms around my neck, and her legs around my waist. My cock starts to rise as her pussy is pressed against me. Our sweaty bodies are slippery against one another as we kiss deeply again. I walk back and sit her on a washer and dryer in the unit.

                  I push her back on her elbows and drop down between her legs and begin to stroke her wet pussy with my tongue. I can taste both the aroma of her pussy juice and the salty sweat that is on her inner thighs. The musky mix is quite arousing. I reach up with one hand to fondle her small breasts, pinching her hard gumdrop nipples. She moans as I probe my tongue into her hot pussy lips. And as I suck intently on her clit. I pull her ass as close to the edge of the washer as I can, not stopping my action on her dripping pussy.

                  I don't know why but as she grabbed the back of my head to press my face even more intently against her pussy, I take my other free hand and start fingering het little asshole with my middle finger. She responds so immediately that I use some of her pussy juice to lube my middle finger and penetrate her asshole. She lets out a gasp of air as I make quick strokes in and out of her ass with my finger, and still sucking on her pussy with my mouth. I can feel the increase of juices coming from her pussy as she has her first climax.

                  Finally she begins asking for me to give her my cock. So I stand and thrust into her as quickbas I can, grabbing her hips and pulling her hard against me as I thrust in and out of her depths. She has one hand grabbing me around the back of the n3ck, and the other bracing herself up behind her, her knees pulled up around my waist.

                  The heat has us sweating profusely, but it only seems to add to the eroticsm of our actions. Sweat drops are dripping from my face down onto her stomach as I lean over her...still thrusting hard and fast into her. It is only a matter of time until we are both groaning out louf as we climax cum releasing deep inside of my sister-in-law's eager pussy!!!

                  After we regain our breath she gives me a hug and tells me that she sees what my wife and my cousin see in me. "Was it good for you too?" she asks?

                  "You are amazing! I have always thought you were a cutey!" I tell her honestly.

                  "Keep me in rotation whenever you would like me to 'fit you in', okay?" She says as she pulls her panties up.

                  "Absolutely!!!" I respond and give her one last quick kiss on her soft sweaty lips.
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                    Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                    "Make it feel good..."

                    So I guess my move of finger-fucking C.J.'s asshole while eating her pussy was a surprisingly good experience. She ends up bringing up anal sex in a conversation with my wife. (I guess sisters really do talk about everything). She said her only experiences with it were her husband getting her drunk on their anniversaries and grunge-fucking her in the ass: face down, no foreplay, no lube, no pleasure for her. She said she was drunk every time, but still remembers crying and asking him to stop. Finally the last time she bled so profusely afterwards that she made him look at how much blood was in the stool. She said thankfully he has never done it again.

                    My wife told her we have been having anal regularly for about a year and a half. She said "Why do you let him keep doing it to you? It hurts SO bad!" So she told her how attentive I am to her every time, and that at the first sign of discomfort I pull out. And we always have lots of foreplay first: either I eat her out, or finger her until she has her first climax, or most of the time I give her a foreplay climax, then I fuck her in the pussy until she climaxes and then I switch to her ass for a 3rd climax (and I climax with her on that one). And lots of good lube, and we have found the perfect position where she will climax again during anal penetration.

                    The sis-n-law said "I don't see how it could really feel good like you are saying. I think that hole is just meant for stuff to come out of, not go in to!" They both had a laugh at that, and my wife said she used to feel the same way. She said we had only tried it twice the first 25yrs of our marriage and it wasn't good. (my fault: not enough lube and not a good position for her)

                    For demonstration purposes, this is the only position the wife enjoys and climaxes from anal sex...

                    So anyway...the other day the wife was gone to take the daughter to a Dr. appt and do some shopping so I was home alone. Typically when home alone I am surfing some Tumblr porn and sitting naked on the couch. But before I could get started (the wife was only gone for maybe 5min, there is a knock on the door... I am still just in my shorts, but I peek out of the blinds and see my sis-n-law's car in the driveway...hmmm, interesting!!

                    I open the door and she comes in..."So I saw my sister leaving. I was parked down the street at the other end of the block. So what do you have planned for this morning" I kinda shrug my shoulder's because this is way different than how me and my cousin hook-up. Lisa and I never actually "talk" about our hook-ups, we just sense opportunities and get busy!!!

                    So she tells me she has heard from the wife that I am some anal sex stud! And she says "I want you to make it feel that good for me, I want to get rid of these horrible memories of *** ass-raping me all those times. I want you to fuck my ass and make it feel good." I am still kinda standing there in semi-shock, somewhat speechless... "Oh, and have you already had your cock in your cousin's ass?" I could only respond a single verbal word, "No." She smiles and says "Good, because she doesn't have anything on me!" (She has always been somewhat jealous of my attention towards my cousin when she's around) "So I know **** and **** are going to be gone for a while this morning, because I talked to her last night. That's why I was already parked down the street so we would have plenty of time together......So let's get with it!!!"

                    Now I finally find my confidence to speak..."Ok, here's the deal. There is nothing quick about doing it in the butt. We have to go slow. I will have to give you at least 2 orgasms before anything goes in there..." (I am SO not used to talking about sex with anyone besides my wife, so I am all turning red in the face now...) She is just smiling at me, obviously enjoying seeing how I am fumbling to form complete sentences. She sadly tells me how her husband is such a caveman, and never has been one to care about her getting more pleasure during sex. He is a get in, get off, and get out kinda guy. "So if you say I will have 2 or 3 orgasms today, then that is more than I have in a month from him. Not counting of course the ones I have alone!"

                    So we head to the bedroom. She just immediately starts stripping down...but I tell her to leave her panties on to start. "Why?" she asks. "Just trust me, okay?" I respond. I shyly leave my underwear on as well, because this is only our 2nd sexual encounter. It's not like we have developed the same sexual relationship I have with my cousin.....(yet)... I lay out a couple towels on the bed, a bottle of my wife's favorite lotion for fingering-foreplay, and my big pump bottle of lube for the anal part.

                    We start deep kissing and running our hands up and down each others upper bodies. It's getting pretty hot and heavy (I love kissing my wife this way, and now her sister is showing a vey similar passion for it as well - runs in the family I guess) Now I turn her where I am on my left side, and she is almost on her stomach. Her left leg is laying across my left leg, and her forearms are under her, holding her up enough that my left arm is tucked under her arms and her small breasts are pressed against my arm. She has her face turned towards me so we can still continue kissing.

                    Then I start squeezing her small ass with my right hand, taking turns from one side to the other. I take my first two fingers and start pressing down between her cheeks, her panties still in place. As my fingers press her panties down into her cheeks I found her little asshole and begin to massage across it, firmly but slowly, kinda making small circles around and across it, using the layer of her soft cotton panties to reduce the actual friction against her delicate little anus. She responds by probing her tongue deeper into my mouth. This is much the same reaction when I finally successfully introduced pleasurable anal sex to my wife.

                    So after a few minutes of that, and my cock being so hard it feels like its going to explode...

           be continued............
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                      Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                      ...continuation of Post #24...

                      I slide out from under her, allowing her to drop down flat on her stomach. I move back, grabbing her panties and pull them down and off or her, tossing them to the floor. I position myself on my knees on her left side, near her hips, and grab her on each side of her hips and pull up, guiding her to pull her knees in to raise her ass in the air. She raises her upper body up and gets on her elbows, with her forearms pointing forward and her hands almost touching the headboard.

                      I get a few pumps of my wife's lotion on the fingers of my right hand and press them across her already soaked pussy and begin fingering her clit. I get some of the sex lube on my left hand fingers and start massaging her little asshole. She is responding very quickly to both. I can't help but lean down and start giving her cheeks kisses, because, well...her dark native skin-tone and her round ass is just too damn sexy not to want to kiss it!!! I end up with my mouth down right at the lower portion of her ass cheek...

                      ...................continue later............wife just walked in on me.......................................
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                        Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                        Damn, it was really getting good.


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                          Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                          Originally posted by Ninety Seven View Post
                          Damn, it was really getting good.
                          Yeah, it's gonna get really hot! I will probably finish it early tomorrow morning.


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                            Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                            I slide out from under her, allowing her to drop down flat on her stomach. I move back, grabbing her panties and pull them down and off or her, tossing them to the floor. I position myself on my knees on her left side, near her hips, and grab her on each side of her hips and pull up, guiding her to pull her knees in to raise her ass in the air. She raises her upper body up and gets on her elbows, with her forearms pointing forward and her hands almost touching the headboard.

                            I get a few pumps of my wife's lotion on the fingers of my right hand and press them across her already soaked pussy and begin fingering her clit. I get some of the sex lube on my left hand fingers and start massaging her little asshole. She is responding very quickly to both. I can't help but lean down and start giving her cheeks kisses, because, well...her dark native skin-tone and her round ass is just too damn sexy not to want to kiss it!!! I end up with my mouth down right at the lower portion of her ass cheek...and give her a quick but very firm bite! "Ouch!! That didn't feel very good!" she exclaimed as she lunged forward a bit. "You might not want to let *** see your naked ass until my teeth marks go away. Might be a little awkward to try and explain that." I tell her. And before she could respond I plunged two fingers into her wet's time to get these orgasms going!!!

                            I press the thumb of my left hand firmly against her tight little brown hole, as my right hand fingers probe her pussy. I press almost enough to penetrate her ass and then let up in a steady pace, and then go back to stroking her clit with my right hand again. She quickly arrives at her clitorial orgasm. The intensity is amazing as she presses her hands against the headboard. I shift my position behind her, straddling her legs and pressing her knees in tightly together. I grab her waist and press the tip of my cock against her eager lips. I give her a couple little teasing rubs at first until she looks back over her shoulder, and then I slowly press into her until I am at full depth.

                            I then start to fully thrust in and out of her wetness. Full force and full depth into her, quickly approaching another climax. I intentionally have to distract myself to keep from reaching my own climax inside of her sweet pussy...I have plans for my cum to be released inside her tight little ass. She is pressing back against me as she lets out her moans of pleasure. I continue my rhythm, with my hands grasping her waist, pulling her firmly back at each inward thrust. And then we arrive at her 2nd climax...she is so verbal in her is truly a beautiful orgasm!!! I drive on thru it, trying to keep myself from going too far and having my own, but wanting to drain her pussy of its juices as she continues to scream out in pleasure. I slowly bring my thrusts to a stop and pull out from her. She slumps down onto her stomach and then I roll her over on her back. I position myself between her legs very close to her, and pull her legs up over mine. I pump lube all over my rigid cock and press the tip against her little asshole.

                            I look up at her and I see just a slight bit of apprehension in her eyes as she must be thinking of the times she has been abused by her stupid husband. "Do you trust me?" I ask her. She nods her head. I take her right hand and put her fingers in my mouth, wetting them just a bit, then lowering her fingers onto her clit. "I need you to show me what you do when you're alone." I say to her, and she closes her eyes and begins stroking her pussy. I keep my cock against her ass as she gets into a quick rhythm fingering herself. I can see she is going to give herself yet another climax so I let her keep going. I take one hand and fondle her erect brown nipples. Her response tells me she likes that! And then there she goes, letting out her passionate moans as she climaxes!

                            At that moment I feel her muscles relax around her little hole and I press against enough to feel that little "pop as the head breaks thru into her hot little canal. At that point I place my hands on the backs of her legs, right up against the bends of her knees. I push her knees almost completely against her shoulders, rounding her back and rolling her ass up off the bed. And I pick up the pace of stroking into her ass until I am at full depth. She is still fingering herself until I reach full depth strokes, and then she takes her hand away and grabs each of my thighs and she begins pulling my harder against her. She is arching her head back as I am now pounding my cock into her sweet little ass. She is so loud as she screams out her pleasure. "Oh yeah, give it to me!!!" she says more than once.

                            We can take it no more as she screams into her final climax and I groan as I drain my balls deep inside her ass, full force and full depth. As I collapse over onto her, she gives one last expression..."Oh fuck me!!!" As I lay there I can still feel her muscles contracting as my cock is still inside her ass.

                            I was truly a beautiful experience!!!


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                              Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                              Hot indeed.


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                                Re: My stories: How I fell in love with my cousin

                                "The next generation..."

                                Several years go by with no contact with my cousin, so I continue to hook-up with the sis-n-law. It fills part of the void left by losing touch with my cousin. The sex is hot and steamy, but there is no real connection like I had with Lisa. But I continue to keep close to the wife's sister and her family.

                                She has a daughter that recently turned 19, and we were on a trip out of town with them, and went to an amusement park one day. Her daughter wanted to do a bungee jump that only did tandem singles. Nobody else would do it with her, so she started begging me to go with her. I finally give in, because that's just how I's hard for me to say "no" to attractive women!!!

                                So anyway, we go get harnesses on, and of course they put her in front of me since she is a lot shorter. I notice right away that I am pressed tight against her back side. She is about 5' 3", with very nice proportions. So we are waiting on the platform and she keeps bouncing up and down talking about how this is going to be "life-changing" for me since I've never done a bungee jump. Every time she bounces up and down, she is grinding her ass against my crotch! I am feeling changes already!!

                                When it comes time to get hooked up to the cord I get really nervous...I tell her I'm not sure about she reaches back and grabs my hands and pulls them around her midsection..."Just hold on tight and you'll be fine. Once we get past the initial drop you'll love it!" As I pull her tightly back against me, with my arms crossed just under her boobs, I feel myself getting an erection; partly from the adrenaline rush and partly because I am pressed against her ass!

                                So I survived the ride...I ended up with a raging hard-on as we were flying through the air, strapped together in that harness. I was thinking my life was flashing before my eyes, but at the same time I couldn't ignore the friction going on between my crotch and her ample ass! And I think a couple times my hands that were wrapped around her mid-section ended up sliding across her breasts more than once!!! So anyway.....back on the ground she is still overly excited, bouncing up and down yelling back at her mom and the rest of our group about how awesome it was!!! As they unbuckled the harness she said "Uncle ***** even ended up getting excited about the ride!" And she glanced back over her shoulder at me...but she didn't make eye contact first.....her eyes glanced straight down at my crotch, then up at me, but she quickly turned back towards the others before any direct eye contact was made. I could feel my face flush red with heat! I didn't know what to think or even do at that moment.

                                So the following day we are at the lake house where we are staying at and everyone is heading out for some boating and tubing. I stay back at the house because I don't swim. I'm thinking I will have some time to jack-off in the bed my sis-in-law is using (because that's how I am - I look for opportunities to jack-off in other people's bed's!), but then I hear the door... it is my niece-in-law.....she said she decided not to go out on the boat either. We start chit-chatting and about this and that. Then she brings up the bungee ride. "You seemed to get pretty excited on that bungee jump! I think you grabbed my boobs a couple times when we were flipping around!"

                                I said, "Well, you were sure jumping up and down against me the entire time we were waiting to go. I couldn't really help it. And I had no idea where my hands were going when we were flying thru the air!" I was feeling pretty nervous about where this discussion was going...and then she stood up and said "Well, I guess I am going to get changed out of my swim clothes since I'm not going on the boat until tonight. But she didn't leave the room...she just pulled her t-shirt off over her head and then pulled her cut-off shorts down and slipped out of them. So there she was standing there in a hot pink 2pc string bikini...her dark native-American skin tone, and her full C-cup breasts looking amazing! She turned her back to me and pulled her arms up a she ran her fingers thru her hair. I couldn't keep my eyes from soaking in the sight of her firm ass in the hot pink bottom! She isn't a slim girl, but she has the perfect proportion of meat on her bones!!

                                "So are you excited now?" she asked as her back was still towards me. "What do you mean?" I asked.....and then I saw it.....she was catching my reflection in a mirror in the room................I just got busted checking out my 19yr old niece(in-law)!!! But then she pulled the strings on the sides of her bikini bottom and it dropped to the floor! "Now what do you think?"

                                Needless to say I was speechless...and still couldn't take my eyes off of her ass for sure now!!! Just when I think I must be dreaming she turns around to face me...and there it is.....a perfectly smooth-shaven pussy mound!!! I've never been with anyone who was fully shaven down there! I could feel my cock getting hard now! And now she was stepping over towards me. I was just frozen...not knowing what was actually happening here. She gets to me and asks me to take off my shirt, so I comply. She asks if I like what I see, and I give an affirmative response! "Follow me..." I follow her upstairs and out on the balcony looking out over the lake. She release her bikini top and I get my first sight of her ample breasts...I have admired her fell cleavage so many times before, and I was not disappointed in the full view.

                                "You mind losing those shorts now?" she asked. I reluctantly and slowly lower them down, underwear too. And then she gasps as she exclaims "Uncle ***** shave down there too!!!" I told her I have been shaving my crotch for a few years now. She said she started shaving as soon as she started growing hair down there. Next thing I know she is rubbing my balls, commenting on how soft and smooth they are without hair! And she takes my hand and puts it against her pussy..."Does Aunt **** shave down there?" I shake my head no. "What about your cousin? I know my Mom doesn't"...Holy fuck!!! Did my sis-n-law seriously tell her teenage daughter about my extra-curricular activities???

                                Right now I don't have time to worry about that, because I am finding myself taking her teenage daughter and laying her back on a lounge chair on the balcony that looks out over the lake where her Mom and my wife are in a boat at this very moment. I start to go down on her smooth bare pussy, and she tells me trade places, because she hasn't had a guy who was shaved before either. So she has me lie on my back and she gets on top of me with her crotch straddled over my face. She immediately starts stroking my erect cock with her hand and takes the tip of it in her mouth. I wrap my hands up on her sweet ass and start making strokes across her soft smooth pussy with my tongue. I can't believe that I finally get to lick a bare hairless pussy! It is SO much nicer this way!!!

                                I lick and probe my tongue into her young wet pussy lips as she sucks up and down the tip of my cock. She fondles my ball sack as I finger around her little asshole, never letting up my tongue in her pussy. A faint thought in the back of my mind is that it is possible that my wife and sis-n-law could possible pass by close enough o see us going at it on the balcony. But that thought is short-lived as she is bringing me close to the brink of climax with her sucking! But then she ends up raising up off of me so I don't cum right there. She moves straight down and positions herself to mount me reverse cowgirl. She guides my cock to her pussy and lowers herself onto me in a smooth motion. It may have just been in my mind, but her 19yr old pussy felt so much tighter than my wife's 45+yr old pussy...just saying.....

                                She gets her rhythm riding up and down my cock, as I time my pelvic thrusts to give a firm penetration at full depth on each stroke. I can tell she is playing with her tits as she moans with each stroke. I massage the sides of her ass as she increases her pace on my cock! I'm about ready to release my seed as she seems close to her climax as well. And then she tricks jumping up off of me!!!

                                She turns and backs up to the railing and jumps up and sits on it...greatly increasing the chance of being seen by anyone boating close by. "Get over here!" she says. So I get over to her and she wraps her legs around my waist as I press my cock into her once again. She grabs the back of my neck with one hand, and braces herself against a rail post with the other. I firmly place my hands on her hips. I can clearly see the lake, and even the road down below the cabin by being on the balcony railing. it is quite a rush!

                                I begin thrusting into her with a quick rhythm and firm strokes. I can feel her ass pushing back to the back of the toprail she is sitting on. About very 3 or 4 strokes, as I thrust inside her, I pull her back towards me...making a very firm penetration into her! Each time she lets out a full breathe of air as she feels the full force of my cock deep inside her. We are heading now for that sweet climax together. I assume she has no other plans to stop me short this time. I soak in the sight of her amazing body one last time...her beautiful skintone, her amazing tits boucing with each stroke, and her smooth pussy around my cock...

                       I see she is about to climax, I close my eyes to join her in a sweet climactic release! We both moan out loud as I pound out my final I feel my cum being spewn inside is a beautiful release!!!

                                Never in my fantasies of having sex with a girl half my age would I believe I would actually release my seed inside my 19yr old niece-in-law's tight little pussy!!! Her Mom has been my sis-n-law since before she was born! And I've been fucking her Mom longer than she has been legal!

                                Needless to say, I look forward to the next opportunity to part her sweet, smooth-shaven pussy lips again...with my tongue or with my cock. The same goes for the sis-n-law too!!!
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