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My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

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    Re: My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

    Updated Collection:


    Cherry Pop
    Banana Cream
    Gape Soda
    Lady Lager


    Ultra Tight - Mouth
    Super Ribbed - Stealth

    Specialty Fleshjacks:

    The Sword
    Endurance Jack
    Zombie (Glow-In-The-Dark)

    Fleshjack Boys:

    Brent Everett - Ecstasy
    Brent Corrigan - Bliss
    Brent Corrigan - Squeeze
    Pierre Fitch - Scorpio
    Kris Evans - Vigor
    Kris Evans - Squeeze (this one was free)
    Kevin Warhol - Charmer
    Dolph Lambert - Delight
    Jean Daniel Chagall - Paradise
    Austin Wilde - Eros
    Samuel O'Toole - Toolebox
    Cody Cummings - Untouched
    Cody Cummings - Swallow
    Marcus Mojo - Marvel
    Mick Lovell - Revel

    Fleshlight Girls
    Miela - Primal
    Miela/Mary Queen - Mini Lotus
    Jessica Drake - Heavenly
    Bibi Jones - Bi Hive

    Other FJ items

    Mr. Limpy - Medium
    Mr. Limpy - Small (Glow-In-The-Dark)
    Aneros MGX
    Aneros Helix
    Mr. Cheeky
    Brent Corrigan - Dick
    Pierre Fitch - Dick
    Kevin Warhol - Dick

    Stuff I want to buy soon:

    Vortex - Butt
    Wonder Wave - Jack Ass
    Milf Hunter

    Stuff Not Released Yet:

    Donny Wright - ?
    Jake Bass - ?
    Seth Knight - ?
    Spencer Reed - ?
    Nicco Sky - ?
    Chris Rockway - ?


      Re: My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

      Originally posted by GayKzoo22 View Post
      Revel -

      Revel is a really good sleeve. I had to get a replacement almost immediately again though. I'm not sure if it's bad luck or because the orifice entrances are small on anuses and causing all my recent FJB sleeves to rip (i'm pretty girthy but I don't think it should be ripping the anus). They dutifully replaced it for me and it hasn't been ripping the second time around so i'm guessing it's just bad luck.

      The orifice always seems to either do something for me or doesn't and this one definitely does. Blondes are my weakness and Mick Lovell is gorgeous. I don't really like looking at orifice entrances (asses, vulvas etc...) but even Mick Lovells hole is good looking.

      The texture itself is good. Not my favorite but very good. I imagine it would feel amazing if I had a couple inches extra (i'm 6.5") as the very tip of my head starts to get into the nodes in the back but not in any effective way. And I can't help but feel that the middle section of the texture (slanted varying length diagonally descending horizontal bumps) would feel a lot better if my dick was longer. The whole sleeve just kinda feels like it was made for guys with 7-9 inch dicks.

      The beginning of the texture feels the best so I don't deep dick the sleeve very much. The beginning has a notice couple of pointed bumps like the "teeth" in the swallow and i'm ALWAYS a sucker for a tight closure leading into the next section of the sleeve.

      Overall (for the entrance of the orifice and the beginning texture) it gets a 7/10. Not a must have (even though, and I can't stress this enough, Mick Lovell is BEAUTIFUL) but a really good mold if you want more than a couple FJs.
      Thanks for the review.


        Re: My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

        any reviews on Mr. Limpy - Medium, Aneros Helix, Brent Corrigan - Dick ?


          Re: My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

          Mr. Limpy is one of my favorite products on this website. In my experience it has ZERO sexual electricity but I use it as a stress relief squeeze-ball (after all, it technically has two balls). Plus, I always picture in my head someone close to me walking in on me squeezing a fake-flaccid dick and I get a good laugh.

          You should regularly soak it in alcohol though it attracts dirt and dust for some reason. the best place to store it really is in the plastic bag they send you (the powder in the bag keeps it especially soft).


            Re: My Collection and Reviews of Each Component

            I hope you still plan on doing these reviews, becuz I hope you get to review the dildos.