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Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

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    Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

    Over the years that these forums have been up and running, there have been hundreds of threads entitled "help!!! new to Fleshlight, need advice!!" or something along those lines. These threads generally ask for advice on what Fleshlight to get for your first or second purchase, or how to use/clean/store your first Fleshlight properly, and other questions of a similar nature. So, to help all of you out, and to avoid redundancy in the forums, I have made this thread of FAQs for Beginners to help answer those questions.

    This thread will be divided into 3 sections: FAQs, Size Guide, and Fleshlight: Clean and Care tips.

    People are welcome to post questions to this thread, but know that these posts will be deleted after a week to reduce clutter and confusion for the next new Flyer. If the question pertains to something that hasn't already been answered, I will incorporate the question and the response into my larger posts.

    Also, much of the advice on this thread reflects the opinions that I have read from other veteran forum users... it in no way reflects the company's opinion on any of these topics. Any information posted here is not guaranteed by the company.

    Re: Beginners Guide to Fleshlight


    I do not own a Fleshlight yet, but am looking to buy one. Which product should I choose?
    Many first time buyers try to find the Fleshlight that is the most "realistic" or most like a real vagina. However, many times they run into problems doing this because the sleeve that they buy is not intense enough for them to feel anything after years of using only their hands. Inner textures like the Original or the Super Tight are lower-intensity sleeves, which can be difficult to adjust to if you haven't used other Fleshlight products before. Therefore, most veteran Fleshlight users suggest that first time buyers select a more intense texture like the Stamina Training Unit (STU), Destroya (Stoya's signature texture), or Nipple Alley (Riley Steele's signature texture). These are high-intensity sleeves that help make that transition from your hand to your Fleshlight much more enjoyable.

    Which sleeve is closest to the real thing?
    As I mentioned above, many first time Flyers want to buy a Fleshlight that will feel like a real vagina, throat, or anus. However, that is not really the point of Fleshlights. Oftentimes, our customers are not concerned with what feels the most like a real vagina, because this is a masturbatory toy. Dildos rarely feel 100% like a real penis, so sleeves don't always need to feel like real vaginas. Truth be told, if they all felt like a real vagina, I imagine that people would get pretty bored with the textures because there isn't that much variation between vaginas once you're on the inside. What makes sex with another person different each time is the fact that you're with another person, rather than a hunk of plastic. The walls of the vaginal canal are made up of rings of muscles that expand/contract during sexual stimulation and penetration, making sex different every time in a way that we cannot reproduce with Fleshlights (as we do not have a moving part in the sleeves). Also, sex changes because you now have two people's excitement, emotions, and sexual triggers to contend with, whereas masturbation with any one toy can get stale pretty quickly because people fall into a routine with their masturbation techniques.

    Instead, Fleshlights provide a variety of inner textures for our sleeves so that you can receive different types of stimulation while masturbating. Forum user advice in answer to this question varies:
    Vagina - Lotus (warmed up, for some people). there is a lot of debate about this, and opinions generally differ from person to person.
    Anus - Forbidden (hands down!)
    Throat - Swallow, Original

    Generally, the advice is to forget trying to find a "real" Fleshlight, because it is a sex toy after all. Buy whatever looks interesting / exciting to you! Go with your gut (penis).

    Are all Fleshlights molded from real women / porn stars?
    Fleshlights that are attached to a name and a picture of a porn star (example, Stoya or Riley Steele) are real-life molds of their vulvas/mouths/anuses. We take plaster casts of their body parts and then make them into Fleshlights, but remember! This is only the outside. We do not shove the plaster into their various orifices because it would be really invasive for them, and very difficult for us to do. The outer molding is purely aesthetics, and their signature textures are crafted by our designers to intensify your Flight with them.

    The Pink Lady, Stamina Training Unit (STU), Flight, Pure, Vibro, and Sex in a Can (SIAC) Fleshlights are not molded off of real vulvas, they are artist renditions of the vulva based on hundreds of photos put together.

    How should I go about choosing a texture / sleeve?
    Really, it's up to you and what you think looks most interesting. Don't choose something because you think it looks the most "realistic," choose something because it looks exciting and you can't wait to stick you penis into it! Women don't choose dildos and vibrators because they look the most like penises, we choose them because they look like they'd be fun. Masturbation is all about YOU, so don't choose something because someone else tells you to. It's a sex TOY (emphasis on the toy part) so just have fun!!

    ThePowerHouse, one of our most dedicated Flyers, suggests that you first decide how intense of a sleeve you want, and then look at the structure of the inner texture to figure out which kind of stimulation do you want. Do you want ribs? Bumps? Fangs? Mazes? A combination of all of these? We have something for everyone so just take a look around.

    Also, see the "size guide" post for more guidance.

    What are my options?
    There is a wide variety of options on the Fleshlight website, which can be somewhat confusing for a first-time buyer.

    **You can buy any of the US Fleshlight Girl line (FLG) as a sleeve-only option on the Fleshlight Orgy page. This means you don't have to buy a case if you don't want to (though, for first and second time users, a case is suggested).

    **You can select a Fleshlight molded from your favorite porn star with the US FLG, EU FLG, or the VNA girls line; or you can go non-anatomical with the Pure, Flight, or Freaks; or you can use the Pink Lady Fleshlight, which is an artist's rendition of a vulva instead of a real one.

    **Fleshlight versus Fleshlight Ice versus Freaks - the Fleshlight Ice is a clear Fleshlight that allows you to see yourself through the material, which can be highly erotic for some people. The Freaks line is our rendition of monster vaginas (Frankenstein, vampires, etc) and the Alien is even blue if you're into that.

    **The Fleshlight is our biggest product, the Sex in a Can (SIAC) is our medium, and the Flight is our smallest. Check the size guide to see which product would fit you best.

    **Fleshjack is our site that sells toys based off of male anatomy, so if that interests you head on over there! Sometimes Fleshlight users who aren't into men will buy sleeves from that side, as well, because they have different and interesting textures that aren't offered on the Fleshlight site.

    I've used my new Fleshlight several times, but it doesn't feel good! What's going on??
    For every new Fleshlight product, there is a break-in period. This is the time it takes for your penis and brain to recognize this new type of stimulation and adjust to it. Most users say that it takes about 10 Flights before you can really appreciate the nuances of a new texture, and probably more if this is your first Fleshlight ever. The key to making this go faster is to stop using your hand completely and only using the Fleshlight for anywhere between 10 and 20 masturbation sessions, allowing your body to adjust.

    What kind of packaging will my Fleshlight come in? I don't want to have any awkward encounters with the UPS delivery person.
    Your Fleshlight will arrive in a plain brown box that has the return address of "Interactive Life Forms, LLC" on it, so that it is not immediately apparent to outsiders what is inside the box. Those who know what Interactive Life Forms means probably already have a Fleshlight, which means that it doesn't matter if they know what you've ordered!
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      Re: Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

      Size Guide:

      This one is difficult for me to do, and 100% user-input generated, but hopefully this will give first-time users a rough idea of what penis size best fits each of our products.

      All of these textures are repeating, so size does not make a difference:

      *Super Tight

      *Wonder Wave

      *Speed Bump

      *Super Ribbed





      *Lisa Anne's Barracuda

      *Tera Patrick's Twista

      *Riley Steele's Nipple Alley

      *Jenna Haze's Maze

      *Katsuni's Lotus Garden

      *Tegan Presley's Love Humps

      *Asa Akira's Dragon

      Size may make a difference for these products:

      MILF Hunter -

      Lotus - general consensus is that this product feels best if you're longer than 6.5" because that will allow you to feel the back chambers




      Jessica Drake's Heavenly -

      Jesse Jane's Gauntlet -

      Tori Black's Torrid -

      Misty Stone's Bump n Grind -

      Bibi Jones' Bi-Hive -

      Stoya's Destroya -

      Marry Queen (Miela) Mini Lotus - available for a limited time only

      SIAC - generally considered to be a great product for men who are less than 6.5" in length and 5.5" in girth. However, if you like the idea of this product line and you are bigger than said dimensions, you can always order it and make modifications to it to help you fit inside comfortably. Many Flyers have cut out the stabilizing wings on the outside of the sleeve to allow for more stretching room inside the can, and have been very happy with this modification.

      Flight - this is our smallest product, but many people enjoy it because of its tightness. According to frequent Flyers, length does not matter with the Flight!
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        Re: Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

        Fleshlight: Clean and Care Tips

        Someone asked me once if you can ejaculate inside your Fleshlight, and the answer is: yes, of course you can! It would be a pretty shitty sex toy if you couldn't finish inside of it... But here are some tips on how to keep your Fleshlight clean and useable for as long as possible:

        Cleaning your Fleshlight

        The Fleshlight cleaning question is one of the most popular on the blog. If you do not clean your Fleshlight properly immediately after every use, it will get gross with dried semen and it can start to grow mold. If you use soap, the product will start to break down, rendering it useless much much faster.

        So, the best way to
        clean a Fleshlight is to:
        1) Take the sleeve out of the case and put the orifice over a faucet or a shower. Turn on the faucet and let cold water run through it, possibly putting your fingers inside and rubbing around until it no longer feels slippery. On some textures, it may help to run water through both ends - put the orifice on the faucet first, and then after a few minutes turn it over and put the back end over the faucet and run water through that way. It will help get all of the lube and semen out of all of the crevices. But remember... DO NOT WASH WITH SOAP. IT WILL DESTROY YOUR SLEEVE.

        2) If you want to make extra-sure that your Fleshlight is
        clean, or if you want your Fleshlight to dry faster, run a small cap-full of rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol, you can usually buy it in the drugstore) through the sleeve. Alcohol evaporates quickly so it will help dry your Fleshlight faster, and it will kill most germs left inside the Fleshlight. This will help it stay cleaner and possibly keep mold from growing on the material.

        3) Don't forget to clean out the case as well (water should be fine for this).

        4) Leave everything out and open to try for at least 24 hours. Mold likes to grow in dark, moist areas so the longer you keep it out (the sleeve outside of the case, the end caps off), the less likely you are to find mold growths on your Fleshie.

        Optional: You can pat your Fleshlight dry with a towel after washing to help it dry faster, but remember that water gets trapped inside the sleeve so make sure to still leave it out for a few hours.

        Some forums members have provided pictures of their drying methods:

        5) You can dust the outside of your Fleshlight sleeve with cornstarch (common cooking ingredient) to make it less sticky after a few uses... it doesn't affect performance but it will make the outside feel nicer to hold and touch during your Flight.

        After browsing the internet, it seems that cornstarch and corn flour are the same thing.

        In the US and Canada, it is called corn starch
        In the UK, Ireland, Israel, and some others it is called corn flour
        In the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Latin America, and Indonesia, it is sometimes called maizena
        In Australia, a lot of corn flour is actually made of wheat. Aussies need to buy the White Wings brand of corn flour

        Here's a tip/advice on how to apply cornstarch in a cheap, easy, and clean way (provided by our awesome veteran: stx)

        a. Take an old (but clean) sock. The thinner the fabric, the better.
        b. Cut off the part that goes around your leg, leaving just the foot of the sock (3-4 inches).
        c. Put aprox. 4-5 tablespoons of cornstarch into the closed end of the sock.
        d. Close the sock with a rubber band.

        The sock now forms a cornstarch applicator that is very easy and fast to use on the sleeve after cleaning and drying. Just gently "slap" the sleeve with the ball and a thin layer of cornstarch is applied onto the sleeve. It takes a few shakes to get the constarch through the material, but after that it applies the cornstarch neatly without making a huge mess! I usually only powder the orifice end of the sleeve. Between uses, I store this applicator in a small and discreet tin can with my FL units.

        Here's a picture of it:

        The more I dab with the ball, the more cornstarch is applied, so that you can make the outside feel exactly how you want it to. I also used the sprinkle method at first, but way to messy and hard to control the amount - even with the original Fleshlight Renewing power.

        Thanks stx!
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          Re: Beginners Guide to Fleshlight

          FAQ: What is DGS (death grip syndrome) and/or why doesn't my Fleshlight feel amazing on the first try?

          If you have DGS (death grip syndrome) it means that you have been masturbating with your hand for a long time and have gotten used to squeezing your penis pretty tightly to reach orgasm. This is a common problem, and can sometimes make it difficult for the man to orgasm from sexual intercourse with his partner. If the man doesn't get the exact same type of stimulation he's been used to getting through masturbation (super tight, really hard stimulation) then he won't be able to reach orgasm.

          The Fleshlight can help reverse Death Grip Syndrome. The hard case makes it impossible for you to squeeze too tightly, forcing you to re-learn how to reach orgasm with more subtle stimulation. During your first couple of uses, you may not enjoy your Fleshlight very much. It may take you a while to get to orgasm, and it may not feel very good for the first couple of times. This is because the nerves in your penis have to readjust to different levels of stimulation. People say the adjustment period can take anywhere from 5 - 20 Flights before you really start to feel the Fleshlight's texture and enjoy it! Just be sure to always use the Fleshlight during this re-training period (not your hand) so that you don't undo all your progress!

          Typically the "breakthrough" FLight is one where you really start to feel the texture. Instead of cumming from the tightness or the grasp of your hand, you learn to feel the texture and cum from the stimulation instead. The fact that you are cumming from the stimulation of the texture creates a much more powerful orgasm than before. You feel the bumps or the fangs or the nodes or whatever is inside it and they deliver constant stimulation that grows over time. As your orgasm approaches your cock head expands in volume and those textures stimulate even harder and with more force, producing even more pleasure. Finally you reach that point of no return and explode.

          Your Fleshlight will require multiple uses before you can really appreciate it... if you use it once and toss it, you are never going go really feel the texture and never going to really have the type of intense mind blowing orgasm that the Fleshlights are famous for.

          Thanks Orlandot94 for this great explanation!
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