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    Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome & thank you for being a part of the Fleshlight Community!
    I would like to thank everyone again for joining us here on the forums. Given the nature of the products, this forum will house adult and mature themed content. Despite that fact, there are however some rules/guidelines that will need to be maintained throughout the boards. Give these a once over before engaging in any new posts, just so everyone is on the same footing. These guidelines are put in place to create a welcoming environment for everyone here. New rules and or guidelines may be added/modified as the needs arise. As always, your feedback is appreciated and welcomed!

    1. BE NICE; Don't Instigate or Troll Other Members
    This can be a bit broad, but I'm sure all of us here can be adults. I know sometimes discussions can be heated, but please remember that everyone is here to provide insight/feedback about a product they love. Try not to let things get heated, and please be respectful of others. If you have a problem, there's report features, or you can contact a moderator so that it can be investigated further.

    2. NO Posts about Religion or Politics
    These are some taboo topics almost anywhere in life. Posts or comments in reference to either of these are almost guaranteed to offend someone. Just don't.

    3. NO Hate Speech or Bigotry of ANY Kind
    There is just never going to be a need for any of this. We deal with products that are created to enhance all forms of sexual behavior. Keep it civil, keep it mature.

    4. NO Posting of Personal Information; Yours or Others
    Security is important as well as privacy. Let's refrain from posting any kind of contact information even if it's your own. This is more for your well being than anything else.

    5. Do NOT Post Spam or any form of Advertisements
    We will be trying to keep the boards as clean & free of bot like spam on our end, so it's only fair that was ask the rest of everyone to do so as well. If you see anything, call it out!

    6. Do NOT Attempt the Selling of any Products or Goods
    Nope nope nope. This is a Community board, not a third party online shop. Please do not create posts or solicit any type of brokered deal where you're trying to turn a profit.

    7. Do NOT Post Pictures or References to Illegal Illicit Materials
    No brainer here. If it's illegal, don't do it. I know this is a mature themed board, but everything has it's limits. You'll know when they have been reached.

    8. Do NOT Circumvent Modded Actions
    If you have been banned, warned, had a thread closed by a moderator. Please don't attempt to find ways around this. This includes creating a new account to continue posting, making a new post for one that has been locked/closed, etc etc.
    I live here.