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    Feedback for Launch

    Just got my Launch today along with three new sleeves. Had two flights with it and have some conclusions and other suggestions.

    First, L/G as some of these complaints are related to my size:
    L: 7.75in
    G: 6.5in

    Good build quality, not much give in areas where there should not be any.

    The speed, placement, and stroke settings are all really nice and gives you a wide range of possible combinations

    Makes Fleshlights more enjoyable, if that was even possible

    Finally, and not least, a semi-hands on way to use Fleshlights. Not joking, I was starting to look like Quagmire in that Ep of FG when he gets cable internet (right arm was starting to look bulkier than my left).

    The Meh:
    Handholds! There has to be some way to better grip the unit. On higher speed settings it sometimes almost jumps out of my hands due to the force generated from it trying to go down my shaft. The amount of lube I have to use to make it not do this is insane and extremely messy.

    When using the unit upside down to properly simulate doggy, reverse CG, and other such positions the power and BT buttons present annoying obstacles to deal with hand placement. I kept bushing them causing the unit to stop and had to go through the ridiculous process of getting it going again (see in the omg section).

    The Bad:
    The instructions and the molding on the unit are not clear as to how to differentiate between stroke length and placement. In the instructions it says to hold over the triangle touch sensors for positioning but this has been hit or miss for me. In fact it seems to work best by pressing and holding on the area that sets the stroke length.

    The placement of the speed and stroke controls is very bad as these are right over the natural hold points for the device as currently designed. I cannot count how many times I accidentally changed some setting while trying to hold onto the unit.

    The OMG:
    Please, for the love of the Temple of Fleshlight, figure out a different option to get into manual mode! This whole "press and hold the BT button until it stops flashing" is nonsense. Half of the time it does not even stop flashing when doing that. Other times it goes off for a second but then since you are still holding down it starts again. The placement of those two buttons are also very bad as they are easy to brush up against and stop everything.

    Other Observations:
    The USB C cable that came with my unit is defective and does not pass a current through it. Tested in on a multi-meter and with a PS4 controller, both showed no power passing through the cable though the Launch unit power light still turns red to indicate that its detecting a cable plugged in.

    Mounting devices could be interesting for this though I am not sure how practical.

    Can be very, VERY, messy if you require a lot of lube.

    I am the guy with the whole PVC mount setup that use to bang my Fleshlights. I am into about 6 months of mounted Fleshlight use. I have noticed some build up of Fleshlight ooze run-off... lube, ejaculation, sweat, etc. I have this disgusting build up inside my PVC pipes that has also been combined with a terrible smell due to a rise in seasonal temperatures. I cleaned everything associated with my Fleshlight use before discovering this Fleshlight Ooze. Wonder if this Launch thing has disassemble instructions so that thing can be cleaned?

    I disassembled my PVC whore and cleaned her out. Now my VR closet is free of the smell. We joke that I took this afternoon to abort all my Fleshlight babies. I just saved the world from Fleshlight zombies. Seriously, this could be a problem for Launch users if they don't have instructions to take apart the Launch and clean it.