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    So if you only used water and Xanthan Gum, do you still need to put GSE (or other anti-microbials)?

    Do you need to refrigerate?


      Originally posted by FLy Boy
      I was wondering if anyone has done more experimenting with different recipes of this xanthan gum lube? I did some research into natural preservatives and found some interesting studies on honey. It seems a relatively small amount of raw honey could do a good job of preventing mold and other nasties in any homemade lube.
      There's honey in some of the so-called "warming" lubes, I think. Don't know whether it's used as a preservative in them, though.


        I'm hooked!

        I was finally running low enough on my bought lubes that I figured it was time to try Xanthan Gum. I found a bulk foods store that sells it in packages as small as 2.5oz so I picked one up to test this stuff out.

        1/4 tsp made a 1/4 cup (50ml) into an interesting consistancy I haven't seen before in a lube. It was somewhere between a runny lube like astroglide and a gel like ky jelly. Thick enough to not make a mess but runny enough to pour down the backend of the FL.

        In a word, this stuff is SPECTACULAR!

        It's easily on a par with Astroglide for slickness, lasts longer even in the shower, doesn't dry sticky, and clean up is only slightly harder than other lubes I've tried. Just to be clear... the hard part about the clean up is that it reactivates with water so well that it takes a little longer to wash away. Besides that, there's no odor, no stickiness, no stains.

        To top it off it's the cheapest lube you'll ever find. If my calculations are right, this $3.35 packet will make up 3 liters of lube at this fairly thick consistancy, and much more if you prefer a thinner lube.

        In fact that's another great thing about it. YOU have 100% control over the consistancy. You can make it as thick or thin as you like and change it up anytime you want!

        Finally, the results. Well, what I can say? I've only tried it once and I'm so blown away I had to come on and post about it! The GREATEST orgasm my entire life! Yeeeeehaaaaaw!


          Second test, this time outside the shower. And again FANTASTIC results! One application of this xanthan gum lube out lasted me and produced an orgasm that nearly turned my balls inside out!

          Now I just need to find a good container, maybe I'll dump the rest of my astroglide and use that bottle, LOL!


            If anyone is curious, xanthan gum lube lasts only 2 days unrefridgerated without preservatives. By the 3rd day I couldn't see any mold, but I could smell it.

            I've also done some more research into GSE. Turns out it is being used as a preservative in lots of things now, especially skin care products. It is a broad spectrum anti-microbial. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. And all research indicates it is completely non-toxic.

            I'm still looking into the amount needed to effectively act as a preservative. Some information I found indicates that 0.5% GSE will provide an indefinite shelf life. So if you're making up a 5oz batch to put in your old astroglide bottle, you would use 9 drops of GSE.


              After reading this thread, I tried making some xanthan gum lube to see what it's like since I wanted a lube that contained no glycerin which can become food for bio-organisms.

              I mixed 1/4 tsp xanthan gum with 2 oz water, tried it with my fleshlight, and it was by far the best lube ever! Super slippery, not too runny, not too thick, does not get sticky as it dries, easily reactivated with addition of water or cum. I didn't add any preservative, so I refrigerate it when not in use, and warm it up before each FLight session.

              I couldn't find any xanthan gum in local stores, so I bought a 6 oz bottle from This is enough to make 214 oz of lube!


                Preservative Update

                My last batch of XANtastic! consisted of:
                5oz purified water
                1/3tsp of xanthan gum
                7 drops of GSE

                I made it up about 3 weeks ago and it has sat unrefridgerated ever since. There is no hint of mold to be found. Looks like GSE is a winner!


                  Just whipped up a batch of this. Minus the GSE which I don't have. So I kept the batch small. What I noticed from my first attempt was the xanthan gum clumped together instantly when put in the water. So I tried a second attempt with hot water. It did the same but I have been constantly stirring. So far it feels pretty good though. Alot of the clumps have dissolved. Did any of you guys notice the clumping? I've been mixing for a while now with fairly hot water, it seems to be coming to a nice consistency now.

                  Also where's a good place to find GSE?


                    Originally posted by 3sixtyfour
                    Did any of you guys notice the clumping?
                    Yes, I noticed the initial clumping too. It takes a few hours to completely dissolve.


                      I couldn’t find xanthan gum, so I've been using guar gum; I don’t know how it compares to xanthan gum, but I prefer it over ID glide.

                      I've found a good method for mixing up the lube without chunks: mix the gum powder with a very small amount of rubbing alcohol (70% works fine), usually all it takes is a teaspoon of alcohol, just enough to wet all the powder and still be able to swish the fluid about. Then add the water, and quickly mix. You can mix in the glycerine at this point if you want.

                      Now, alcohol is probably going to burn your dick, so put it in the microwave and give it a couple minutes to boil off the alcohol. This is going to make your kitchen smell of alcohol, so open some windows or something. You’ll know when you’ve boiled enough off by taking the container into another room that doesn’t stink of alcohol and sniffing the vapours coming off the container, if they still smell of alcohol and burn your nose like hell, give it some more time in the microwave. I imagine boiling with alcohol pretty much sterilizes the lube; I usually leave a little alcohol in it as a preservative.


                        I use an electric mixer with hot water, takes a minute or two to dissolve all the clumps.

                        Just about any health food store or health food section of a supermarket should sell GSE. You can also buy it online.

                        I do have an update regarding GSE. I noticed at the 7 drops GSE to 5oz water concentration I was starting to get some minor skin irritation. So I reduced it to 5 drops GSE to 8oz water. No more irritation and the GSE is still keeping the mixture fresh.

                        M45, from what I've read the main difference between the two is that you need about 4 times as much guar gum to take care of the same about of water.


                          That’s weird, I've been using 1 teaspoon of guar gum to 1 cup of water with good results. I haven’t found the need to use any sort of preservative. I make about 3 weeks supply at a time, and haven’t had it go bad yet, even keeping it at room temperature.


                            Stickyness with homemade lube, none with ID Glide


                            I tried the water, glycerin, xanthum gun formula described in this thread, and it does work really well. I have one question though--I was previously using ID glide and the exterior of the insert was never sticky. I used the homemade lube for the first time today and put a little on the exterior of the FL to make the orifice-skin contact more pleasant, rinsed the FL after use, and now the FL has a sticky exterior around the orifice.

                            I noticed that some people just use glycerin as a lube, some people just use xanthan gum, and some use a combination... so, has anyone else noticed a stickyness when using a homemade lube after drying the FL? I'd like to continue using the homemade lube as long as I'm not somehow damaging the insert. Thanks!


                              Originally posted by fleshwhoa
                              I used the homemade lube for the first time today and put a little on the exterior of the FL to make the orifice-skin contact more pleasant, rinsed the FL after use, and now the FL has a sticky exterior around the orifice.
                              I did an experiment to compare xanthan gum lube and ID Glide. I rubbed some xanthan gum lube on one side of the insert, and rubbed ID Glide on the other side of the insert. As I was rubbing both lubes, I noticed the layer of powder come loose from the fleshlight material and rub off into the lube.

                              After letting both lubes dry, I noticed that the dry xanthan gum was not sticky, and the dry ID Glide was sticky.

                              Then I rinsed off both lubes under warm water, and let it dry. I noticed that the places where both lubes used to be were both sticky due to the natural stickiness of the fleshlight material when all the powder in removed.

                              After repowdering, the stickiness went away.

                              FWIW, been using homemade lube consisting of only xanthan gum plus water - no glycerin.


                                Awesome. I'll continue with the xanthan gum lube then (probably without glycerin). Thanks!