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Sex Dolls with Fleshlights?

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  • Sex Dolls with Fleshlights?

    Has anyone seen any kind of Doll that uses the Fleshlight as the orifice? I've seen one in the past...don't remember what it was, but I do remember it was really expensive.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Wow, I know what you're talking for. That was actually the site that linked me to here, I think. Umm, I don't remember which site it was exactly, but I do remember there was a site something like [url][/url] or .net or .org.

    I think you'll find info there, but i'll take a look around and see if i can find the site you're thinking of. The dolls were like 2k though, and it's all just a fleshlight :P


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      okay, i researched alot of stuff before i found the fleshlight

      i guess i didn't bookmark the page that lead me to the fleshlight because it got my intrest more then the doll, but, if you go to [url][/url] (i checked it) it has info on just about every doll you could be intrested in. It mostly focuses on the real doll, which still has my intrest, but there are sections for the other kind of dolls. I'm sorry I don't remember more, and I hope you find what you're looking for.

      Good luck man.


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        I do a lot of different online research... this is one great chat site where a lot of other people of have done a lot of research already... providing links to different sites that sell different dolls, as well as commentary on how they tried to modify their dolls to fit a Fleshlight insert....

        There was once a company that actually sold a doll that was specifically designed to fit the fleshlight insert... they apparently didn't last very long, I couldn't found out why...

        The Japanese companies have the best dolls, but many of the companies won't sell outside of their country...

        One variation YOU can rig together for yourself is a cloth doll....

        1) use a plastic bag to hold the insert and contain the mess

        2) wrap it up with a towel

        3) use pillows for padding... you can either wrap them up with a sheet for discretion, or for reality use real female clothing...

        4) use a printer to print out a life-sized picture of a woman's face of your choice...

        5) arrange all of the above into the pose of your choice

        It takes abit of effort to put all of this together... for about $200.00 one company offers a life-sized cloth doll that has an opening inbetween the legs for an insert... one could easily modify it for fleshlight use.. but I'm unsure if the company sells outside of their country....


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          Of all the possible dolls out there, the price ranges from (not including blow-ups) from $200.00 to $20,000.00


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            dolls are fun


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              Here's an interesting one:



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                Speaking of DOLLS, where the hell are the intimates?? roflmao...