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Boy Butter Sucks.

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    Originally posted by Psyle
    I don't get it. it's a water based lube right? If you run some water in it... and slide your fingers in to double check or assist, it can't take but a minute or 2 to clean out, right?

    How thick is it? Can you guys compare it to something else? to give us an idea?
    from the sounds of every thread ive read on it - its about as thick as crisco shortning.. (what they used to coat baking pans with to keep things like brownies and cakes from sticking to the walls)


      I wouldn't say it is quite as thick as Crisco. It seems as thick as a good quality hand lotion. For me, it also seems to absorb like a good quality hand lotion!


        Boy Butter NOT safe with FLs!!!!

        I just wanted to post this as a warning. I ordered (You Won't Believe It's Not) Boy Butter with my first FL many months ago. Within a few uses, the orifice started tearing, and got worse with each use until finally it was ripped completely open and useless. FL customer service replaced it for me, but the same thing happened with the replacement, and every other insert I've ordered since -- about 5 of them so far. I've talked to and exchanged emails with CS several times and ended up frustrated and resigned to the fact that I'll have to replace my insert every month or two because they just fall apart. It's especially frustrating because I've followed all instructions to the letter. I've always been very gentle with my FLs (much more gentle than many people here I'm sure) and have never used ANYthing on it I'm not supposed to.

        Finally, a friend of mine who also loves his FL tried my Boy Butter and didn't like it because he had to re-apply too often. He suggested I just use regular KY jelly. I had just started using a new insert, the new Pipe Dream butt (which I think is now called the Turbo with Mini-Maid orifice). After the FIRST use with Boy Butter, this new insert also started tearing at the orifice as always. However, once I switched to KY, the tearing never got worse! I've now been using it happily for a couple of months with no further tearing whatsoever since I stopped using Boy Butter. Feels better too, and I don't have to keep re-applying it.

        And yes I'm absolutely sure it's the supposedly water-based (You Won't Believe It's Not) Boy Butter purchased directly from ILF on this site.

        So obviously I won't be ordering Boy Butter again to use with my FLs!


          In my experience the minimaid rips too easily inherently.

          However I will take your advice under consideration


            Originally posted by Tiamat
            In my experience the minimaid rips too easily inherently.

            However I will take your advice under consideration
            Actually I've tried several inserts including the old style butt, the new style butt from, and the Mini-Maid, super tight, ultra tight, speed bump and now pipe dream/turbo sensations. Every single one of them was torn by using the Boy Butter except for my old style butt speed bump, which I've only used a couple times because I didn't much like it. The Mini-Maid is holding up fine now since I switched to KY. As I said it has some minor tearing, but hasn't gotten any worse since I switched.


              Hmm, since you don't like the speedbump butt I suddenly find you extremely credible. Thanks for the info man :thumbsup :


                i actually love Boy Butter. IT ROCKS!!

                Way better than any liquid lube I.E: ID Glide

                It DOESNT come out of the insert
                this has got to be the best idea yet, because the liquid doesnt come out like ID Glide therefore no need to put more lube in every 10 seconds. the lube stays in there and as you keep going it just gets slicker and slicker, if the waves, bumps or ribs are starting to grip your dick a little to hard just put some water on it or spit and it re-activates it on-touch.

                How is it too thick or Clumpy when your cleaning it?
                You probably were too used to the liquid lubes and having to pour a liter of lube on your dick just to last 30 minutes. with boy butter all you have to do is dip your fingertip in and only use a little bit. thats all you need. I've had no problems cleaning the lube out of any of my inserts with this. I have no idea why the other posters had problems. All i do is run water through both ends and then turn it inside out, half way and do the same on the other end and wipe my fingers accross it, but by the time i do that theres nothing even to wipe off, i just do it to make sure it gets cleaned properly.

                and the best thing yet, It DOESNT dry up!

                sooo. if you searched for this thread wondering how Boy Butter REALLY is, GET IT! dont waste your time with other lubes that are liquid
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                  Re: Boy Butter Sucks.

                  Is this the same as "Lucky Lube" made by the same company but marketed towards females? That's what I just got with my STU as it was the cheapest water based lube available where I ordered my STU.

                  Seemed to work great for my one use so far, lubed quite well and was creamy so it didn't run all over the place.

                  I was a bit worried though because while they say it is water based and safe for condoms and toys, it does seem to have silicone in the ingredients.