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  • end cap question

    does anyone else have problems with their end cap? whenever i use mine, lube splatters all over the place, and its comin from teh end cap no matter how much i tighten it.. and another question.. itll only go so tight then it looses its thread, and is as loose as if its not tightened at all.... is it supposed to be like that ? or is mine faulty? thnx.

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    How much lube are you using ? O_o Only thing that comes out for me is a few sprays of water, which stays inside after I take it out of the hot water. When I tighten it up and begin pumping it, the pressure forces the water left inside out of the spaces in the endcap.

    The whole turn the endcap too much and lose thread happens to me. Solution? Don't turn it so much lol. The max it goes, is enough suction for me. That's the one thing I love about my Fleshlight, the suction. My hand can never re-create the suction going in with the sudden burst of fleshy warm ribs all over my crown. It's like I'm at my coronation as king of FleshLightLand and my WW Queen is placing her crown on my "head". Hawt stuff.


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      hey noken thanks for responding.. i dont know how to measure how much lube i use.. average amount i suppose..and i tighten it so much in an attempt to close the gap, thus hopefully causing less spray from the thing! lol..


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        It sounds like you stripped the threads on the endcap, by over-tightening it.
        However, I do get leaking lube from the endcap, as well, and I really don't use that much lube.......I just get very vigorous with the FL.


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          Try getting one of those thick rubber bands they put around the broccoli in the supermarket to cover the gap. Also makes for better suction. Niiiiiiice.


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            a rubber gasket will do the same thing