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Out of Lube? Here's the rescue!

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  • Out of Lube? Here's the rescue!

    One word: Spit!

    It works remarkably well, and the great thing is that you don't have to spit a whole galoon into your FL, 2-3 spits works wonders. It has the same texture as a regular "Durex" and it has kept me and my STU busy during the evenings when i ran out of lube a month ago.

    I myself produce a LOT of saliva when I'm mounting my STU, brings my thoughts to a dog humping wildly with his tongue hanging from th side of its mouth. So it's no big deal for me to "relube" by beauty!

    All 100% natural pleasure (apart from the FL).

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    Spit makes a good lube, I like to suck on some candy and get my saliva going first though.


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      lol, right as i read this, my mouth went dry


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        You have just saved me. I don't have any lube or a way of getting any right now. Thanks for the advice