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  • Wet Light

    Is there anyone out there that prefers this lube over all others?
    It dries out ridiculously fast, even when it's watered down a bit. My transition from Astroglide to ID Glide was alright, but going from those two to this one is terrible.
    I've already had to use like 1/6 of the bottle and it's only been 2 days.

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    I've always found Wet Light to be too thin for me.


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      I found wet naturals beutifully bare to be pretty good, slightly thicker than wet light, but just mix a LITTLE bit of water(about 1/10 water) in and it's just about perfect, or add some spit if it dries up at all.


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        I've used spit both times so far and It was really enjoyable.


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          I must be the only person in this forum that loves this lube. I have had my FL (first one, obviously with the lube 4 a year deal) since April and I have gone through about a 5th of the bottle and this even sharing with my BF for his FL's that I "donated" to him.