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How do you turn the insert inside out?

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  • How do you turn the insert inside out?

    Hi all, I just got my FL today, loving the sensation

    But I'm kind of clumsy when it comes to cleaning it, I read several posts in the forum, and it seems that most people just run hot water and alcohol through the sleeve and air dry it... I did everything mentioned here until the inverting the sleeve inside-out step, which is giving me a hard time. The whole thing seems to get stuck together like a blob when I'm trying to pull it through the orifice...

    Is there a proper way to do this? If I don't invert the sleeve to air-dry, is there a strong likelihood of mould contamination inside the sleeve?

    Thanks for your helps in advance.

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    You don´t have to turn it inside out. I´ve never done it with my inserts.

    Just run warm water through the insert to get the lube and sperm out. Then let it air dry. Put it back in the case, and it´s ready for action.


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      It's not really easy to turn the inserts inside out and not recommend.. If your just trying to dry your insert out try running a small rod with a cloth on the end thru the insert.