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iD Pleasure (L-Arginine)

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  • iD Pleasure (L-Arginine)

    Bought a bottle of this stuff with my STU which is on the way.

    Curious how the claimed pleasure-enhancing effect of the topical L-Arginine has worked out for people here. Do you actually notice the increased blood flow, or is it not a high enough concentration?

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    The first time I used it, I did. Now it's kind of old hat. I don't notice a difference between ID glide and Pleasure unless I'm trying realy hard to notice. I still use it, cause its long lasting and IMO the best lube for a FL.

    The only way I notice any of the tingling sensation is if I get hard and use the lube without a Fleshlight. Once I get in a sleeve and start working, I can't feel it anymore. The textures and awesomness of the FL just overwhelms the slight tingling.


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      It's a bit tingly and lasts longer than regular ID Glide. But like chief said, it's not too huge of a difference, but it is a slight difference.