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    Just bought a 4oz. tube of the "new" Astroglide gel. This thing only cost $4, and it can be diluted with three times the amount of water (or even more) to extend its lifespan. And boy, even in its raw form it lasts long.

    Saw a new product by KY. "Yours+Mine" is a 2-pack lube for couples. Dug around the internet to investigate, and apparently, "yours" is a blue warming lube intended for "him", and "mine" is a purple minty/cooling/tingly lube intended for "her". Combined, they're supposed to produce an "icy-hot" sensation. I've heard mixed reviews, but what I have NOT heard is people switching the lubes ("yours" for "her" and "mine" for "him"), nor have I heard from same-sex couples use. I frankly hate to be gendered by, of all things, lube. Thoughts?

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    Re: Lube talk

    Yeah my thoughts are you shouldnt make such a big deal of which lube got the his and hers label.

    Just like any other lube I am sure that both sexes have tried both kinds and you just didnt search around enough to see it in a review. Here is a state fair winning idea though... Go buy the pack and get a girl/guy (whatever your preference is) and try it... Then write a review.