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Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

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  • Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

    Like the title explains, does anyone have ideas for home-made & hands-free mounting ideas, that can be done with household items?

    Nothing extreme like robotic machines, etc.

    I'm especially looking for a way to simulate a standing mount, where the fleshlight isn't just laying flat. Like if a girl was standing facing, or back to me, in a sexual position.
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    Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

    My wife has a pile of blankets and sheets on a table. The pile goes a little higher than crotch level. I simply put the Fleshlight between a couple of blankets and pound away. The blankets are fairly heavy, and the weight of the blankets on top keeps the Fleshlight steady and hands free. Plus, the feeling of the blankets against my thighs and lower belly adds a lot to the excitement. It really does make it feel more like sex with a real woman.

    The set-up is extremely easy. All I have to do is insert the Fleshlight and I'm ready to go. If you don't already have a pile like mine though, it's easy enough to put a few heavy blankets on a table at crotch height and you're in business. I love this method. The only trouble is that it's so intense that I'm in danger of cumming almost as soon as I enter. But with training I've learned to last quite a while, enjoying every minute of it.


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      Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

      Working on a personalized hands-free mod
      It still needs a lot of work, and maybe I can get some tips from anyone with ideas?
      Basically what it consists of is a bunch of velcro straps. I have a good amount, but not enough to make something too complicated.
      So, the main part is a velcro strap that I have wrapped around 2 metal poles on a piece of furniture. Then I have a velcro ring that holds the Fleshlight in place, as you see. I tugged at it a bit, and its a fairly strong grip.
      *My current problem is if I turn it upside down, the case starts to slip out.
      So, I need to figure out a way to make it stay at a slight angle upside down, and also maybe be adjustable.
      So far its hanging firm, and even has some spring to it, so i might be getting somewhere
      Any Ideas?

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        Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

        Buy The SHOWER MOUNT... That works really well....


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          Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

          A rolled sleeping bag works reasonably well. I want one of the Liberator mounts, but I can't bring myself to pay that much for a chunk of foam.


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            Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

            I built this one a while back out of just a few scraps of wood. I love it and use it every time I Fly. The fleshlight sits in it pretty tight but is easily removable and I can go full suction or loosen the cap if I want. The whole thing just velcros to a barstool and works perfectly for me.



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              Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

              I was going to get the shower mount... then I had an idea... I love Ram-Mounts I have heaps of the various parts for mounting stuff on my Motorcycles and cars.

              I used the following Ram-Mount components to make my own more versatile FL mount
              Locking suction cup - RAM-B-224-1U
              Long double clamp -
              Vbase and strap -
              RAM-B-108BU (this is what clamps to the fleshlight)

              yet to put it into action as my FL only just arrived, but it is rock solid and allows for almost unlimited mounting options/angles

              If you wanted to get creative you could add a cup holder for lube or even mount another FL side by side


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                Re: Give your Home-Made Hands-Free Mounting ideas

                I made something fairly equivalent to one of the doggy-position Liberator mounts with a relatively narrow, rectangular cardboard box (say 1' x 3' base). I cut a hole at the right height in the narrow end that was not quite a large as the widest part of the fleshlight case. After inserting the fleshlight case into the hole in the box, I stuffed the inside of the box with towels in order to fill up the box and really stabilize the FL. If the hole in the box isn't holding the FL well, you can use some packing/duct tape to secure the FL case to the inside of the box. The whole thing worked pretty well and since I had the box laying around, it was basically free.