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  • hey guys!

    Yeah, I AM ALIVE! My "babies" are at home though in my attic so nobody sees them. So, wow, where do I begin? For an entire month (my first month), I landed over 40 times. Then, a good friend here suggested that I should actually cum inside the sleeves. Well, as I figured, it was so intense for all four sleeves that I have (STU, VTX, WW, SR) and it took me few extra minutes to go at it again for the next FLight and landing rather instantly go again. I noticed the latest promotion going on ... if I have some spare cash, I'll definitely go and do it. My friend actually was jealous that I have not only 1, but four sleeves. I would like to buy some cases for the other three though.

    So, yeah, I bought a new camera. The Canon SX210IS

    I also took some "FLights in session pictures". The ladies love em'. Actually, at that time, I was taking pictures of me using my SR. So, I was like, "Ok, mind you ... that IS what it looks like ... "

    Well, yeah, so, other than that .. I found some really amazing pictures to share with you guys, especially to make up for my "days" in February.

    I hope you didn't miss me too much!

    Also, TPH, did you have an awesome vacation? Any tan lines?