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Your cleaning up procedure?

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    Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

    Fuck it. Cum. Catch my breath. Wash it out. Let it dry. Go to sleep (usually).


      Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

      Originally posted by ParaGoomba Slayer View Post
      1.) Lay down towel on floor next to shower.

      2.) Turn on shower.

      3.) Place big cap underneath shower stream.

      4.) Place rest of case with little cap attached underneath shower stream.

      5.) Rinse off outside of sleeve.

      6.) Rinse off inside of sleeve. A good way to do this is to hold the insert in such a way that it forms a U shape, and let the water fill up through both ends. Dump out water, repeat many more times.

      7.) Set wet sleeve on towel.

      8.) Lift tail end of sleeve at an angle, squirt isopropyl alcohol down the sleeve until I can see it leak out of the orifice and get the towel wet.

      9.) Pinch both ends shut, vigorously swish alcohol inside of sleeve. Dump alcohol from sleeve.

      10.) Turn off shower, dump out water from case parts.

      11.) Dry all case parts with clean rag.

      12.) Use same rag to dry outside of sleeve.

      13.) Put Fleshlight back in case, with both caps on.

      14.) Put away isopropyl alcohol, throw towel and rag into hamper.

      15.) Assess whether or not it's okay to carry Fleshlight in plain sight down hallway to room.

      15.a.) If not, stick down pants and angle self while walking to room so as not to show huge bulge created by Fleshlight.

      16.) Unscrew both caps, place both on towel in room.

      17.) Rest Fleshlight on big cap such that the orifice faces upwards at an angle.
      Ha! LMAO. I fuck a different flesh light every night. In the morning I grab a clean bath towel and carry the Fl in my hand under the towel to the bathroom. Take caps off and time under bath faucet. Press the faucet right against the FL opening. Water blasts through and cleans it out quick. DONT take it out of the case or it will blow up like a balloon. After rinsed put cap s back on and take a shower. After shower put towel around waist and put Fl between legs all the way up just under balls. Walk nonchalantly back to room. Take FL out of case. Stick end of towel insidesleeve dry the outside. Dry the case and caps. Put it back together and put in hiding place.


        Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

        Remove fleshie from case

        stream water through fleshie from the shower front and back, then fill case with water and shake then drain. Unscrew case and wash again then leave to dry on an airer.


          Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

          After I or my wife and I use the FL or any other toys, we go ahead and wash the sex toys that we used.
          What I do to clean the FL is....
          Remove inner FL sleeve run warm water over it and inside of the sleeve, wash the outer case of the FL both caps as well.
          Leave air dry over night, next morning put the FL back together. About one time a week I both some corn starch or recommended powder to help it keep its lifelike shape. ( Not to let the inner lips get too sticky )
          I have had mind for 3 years plus now, still feels like the 1st time I used it.


            Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

            I wash out from both ends, occasionally using my finger to feel for any lube or slime feeling... Once i don't feel anything else I wash it about another minute. I then place it on a towel, on a shelf that's high up (which is warmer than down lower). It tends to be dry within a few hours.

            I used to powder them every other flight, but after a year or so I started to find my older fleshys need it less often. Now It tends to be about every 3rd or 4th flight.

            As for alcohol, I wash them all once a month and then powder them once dry.


              Re: Your cleaning up procedure?

              Wash the cum out, then take the sleeve out and wash the case. then I dry the case out wiping with paper towels and put the insert back in. every couple cleanings I put some isopropyl alcohol in the case, then the insert, then some more alcohol into the canal.
              bring back the chocolates!

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