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6'' girth

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    Re: 6'' girth

    the support center told me that defect is common and won't ever affect the sleeve use, I'm happy to hear that, let's ho hope so


      Re: 6'' girth

      I used bibi 6 times and Stoya 4 times by now, here's my first opinion about them, I'll maybe post a more detailed review in the near future:

      Bibi's BiHive:
      I wasn't sure about buying the BiHive because of the orifice look, I didn't like it so much, but the texture looked good and it was highly suggested, so I decided to buy it. Well, having Bibi's vagina in your hands is totally different, her mold is incredibly detailed, it actually looks GREAT and when my cock slips inside that warm canal, all that changing bumps feel really good, obviously, you can't always tell which sector you're penetrating while you are inside the sleeve, but my cock (all cocks) are turned on by variation of feelings, and I actually think this sleeve is quite perfect for my dick because of the relatively wide canal that allows me to feel all of them, so if you have over-average girth this sleeve is highly advised! it also works good in hands-free sessions.

      Stoya's Destroya:
      first of all: Stoya's vagina is the opposite of Bibi's: it looked better on the website, it looks good, but it isn't as detailed as bibi's one. About the texture itself: Destroya is the best name that could be given to that thing. My worries about my size weren't all scam, this feels really tight, and the lotus node + fangs are trying to eject my cock, so hands free is pretty impossible, cause it would get out every 3 strokes, still haven't tried the shoe method, though. Luckily my cock is long enough to enjoy a good part of the ribbed sector, the only "relaxed" one into this sleeve. Anyway, this is extremely intense during all the FLight, but when you reach your climax, well, that's why destroya: the orgasm inside this infernal thing is extremely powerful and extremely painful too if you keep stroking, it's an incredible sensation, and it leaves your cock like never before. You have DGS? Get this NOW imho.

      a last thing, I don't know how much time your average flight takes, I am an edging fan, so I like to FLy at least 30 mins, anyway I saw a lot of people complaining about the lube which gets sticky, I use Gun Oil, it feels really good, I usually put something like 2-3 teaspoons of lube per FLight in Stoya and 1-2 in Bibi, and maybe spit one time, it stays good enough until the end. The real problem if you last more than 5 minutes is the warming, these sleeves just DON'T stay warm, I must get an heating pad or flesh warmer as soon as possible, having it warm during all the time would dramatically change the FL experience, until now I always came in a pretty cold FL...
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