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New flighter need some advice and tips!

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  • New flighter need some advice and tips!

    Hey guys this is my first post here but been browsing the forum for about 2 years, and need some advice and tips to optimice my masturbation sessions abit.
    I bought my first Fleshlight Oct 2011 the STU been using it back and forth until beginning of Nov last year when i thought i would give it some serious tries witch ment no more using hand just pure Flying all the way in every masturbation session, and i have been using it 1-2 times a day until today no hand jerking at all but here is when i think i fail abit.

    Im almost 35 years old and a virgin been using my hand all the time until my STU buy, been Flying with it almost 3 month now and still cant enjoy it to 100% all sessions feels very good but not as many ppl describe here "exploding". Question i still suffer from DGS after 3 month of daily use?

    Second is the edging part, i know the STU is ok to edge with but i feel the longer i stop and hold back the worse my orgasms become, had the same problem when i do the same with my hand aswell. I never had what many ppl describe here an bone braking orgasm, my orgasm have never above average and always over stimulated by the STU witch i always stroke trough during orgasm.
    Is there something i can change with this routine or?

    I Use Gun oil as lube, i dont drown the Fleshie with i use just enough to get a good friktion plus i use a spray bottle of water to thin it out aswell.

    My cock is about 6,5 inch long and curved downwards with about 5 inch thick

    Really need some advice what im doing wrong here plz

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    Re: New flighter need some advice and tips!

    For one thing, I would simply suggest that you don't set a goal to have a "bone braking orgasm" or to completely "explode." Everyone's bodies are different, their experiences are different, even the ways in which they describe the exact same experience is different. Two people might have an identical experience down to every last physical sensation and one might say "that was a ridiculously shattering orgasm" while the other says "that was a deeply satisfying experience." If you are constantly expecting to achieve something miraculous, even wonderful orgasms are going to feel like a let-down.

    I don't have suggested tips and tricks, but allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experiences you are having.


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      Re: New flighter need some advice and tips!

      If you FLy the same way all the time, trying different positions might provide new sensations that could heighten the level of your orgasms. And since edging is apparently working negatively in your situation, I would not try it too much right now. Instead, let your arousal build to where it takes you without any specific goal in mind.

      it's good that you stayed away from the hand for this long. I would keep the same routine and enjoy the feelings the STU gives you. You don't seem to be doing anything wrong except maybe worrying a little too much. Enjoy the journey as much as the destination and you will be fine.


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        Re: New flighter need some advice and tips!

        Thx for the answers, both of you have a good point, setting goals may ruin alot yes but as i said i do really enjoy my sessions very much just finished a 35min session with a nice finish one of my best so far.
        The thing is im so curious to improve my sessions, so maybe its time to get a new sleave or something but im still little confused if im still suffer abit from DGS or not.