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Can't ejaculate if I last too long, what to do?

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  • Can't ejaculate if I last too long, what to do?

    Greeting from Mexico

    I had troubles finding a genuine fleshlight down here, but finally have an STU available

    I bought the fleshlight to fix some bedroom issues

    In short, if I last a good time, maybe above 15 minutes, it's basically impossible for me to ejaculate, even masturbation gets difficult. So I have to choose to be ridiculously fast, or look like a fool

    My guess is that there are many issues involved
    -Cardiovascular condition, working on that, doing hill sprints alongside weight training and I hope the fleshlight can help in the thrusting department
    -Anxiety, as soon as I start to break a sweat, I get very uncomfortable because I know I need to end it at that point
    -Sensitivity, I lose sensitivity after a while, don't know what causes it

    I already had my first flight, avoided orgasm three times, and after a while, the symptoms started again and couldn't finish with the fleshlight

    My plan right now is to stop "manual" masturbation, and if I can't cum after a while, not worry about it and try it next day

    Any tips?

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    Re: Can't ejaculate if I last too long, what to do?

    No replies?

    You are not alone! I have the exact same issue with women.

    I have found that for me it's mostly psychological. After the initial erotic rush my brain starts thinking and wandering. This absolutely breaks my immersion in the sex, and makes it hard to reach orgasm, or even to really enjoy myself. You have to be in the right frame of mind for sex to really work (or preferably no frame at all ).

    So recently I have been trying a 0 porn diet. It takes some determination, but the results are worth it. I am forced to use my imagination and the pure physical stimulation the fleshy provides to achieve pleasure, it requires more effort, but damn does it make a difference!

    I feel that now I am concentrating on different things during sex. Before I was very visual, and after a while I felt sort of numb. Now the physical sensation is much more defined, and my head is much more in the game; it's much easier to lose myself into it which improves everything!

    Try using the fleshy hands-free only. Made a world of difference for me. Changes the feeling of the fleshy entirely and helps along the old imagination.

    Oh and stop using your hand! It's an inferior experience, and it messes with your actual sex.


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      Re: Can't ejaculate if I last too long, what to do?

      hi Fleshmx!

      just curious..
      have you ever tried considering the best position that suits you?
      a position for your body where in it seems to provide good blood circulation specially for your dick...

      i'm not sure if it can help you..
      but for me, as an example..
      my most sensitive and the best position that can provide me with the best erection..
      is when i'm just seated on a sofa or at the edge of the bed, with my upper body slightly tilted, resting on some pillows or the back of the sofa..
      the good erection as well as the heightened sensitivity, helps me achieve a really satisfying orgasm...


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        Re: Can't ejaculate if I last too long, what to do?


        The first thing you should do is find/go to a good doctor. I had finishing problems once. I didn't time it but I'm sure I was going for 15 to 25 minutes or so. I thought something was wrong with me. Sadly the girl I was with felt the same and was pretty much the opposite of a helping partner. It didn't help that the condoms were bad and somehow I had the crazy belief that all condoms were the same. Which is far from the truth. The girl wanting me to finish soon (crazy huh?) didn't help at all. Turns out I was having a form of performance anxiety. But the solution was simple. So yeah, a good doctor can work wonders.