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Jesse Jane swallow question?

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  • Jesse Jane swallow question?

    I know I'm asking a lot of questions buy I dont want to ruin my first purchase. I notice 2 of my Jesse Jane sleeve had rods but one didnt I dont remember which. I noticed the swallow opening looks like its open more than the gauntlet or forbidden. Is this normal? I just took the out of the box I havent even rinsed them off yet. Again sorry just worried about ruining them. I have read the warming prep and clean but just nervous is this normal for anyone?

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    Re: Jesse Jane swallow question?

    Looking at the orifice images on her page, it looks as though that's how the swallow is supposed to be. The lips are more cosmetic than anything else and I would consider the actual 'opening' to be just past the lips. Have you tried putting the sleeve inside the case yet? Doing so often makes the sleeve openings appear smaller.