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Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

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  • Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

    It's not the Fleshlight's fault, really. Just the fact that trying to use the one I ordered for my 34th birthday has rammed home the basic fact that I am a loser and that I am never going to get laid in my life.

    I am apparently both too small and too big to use the Fleshlight. Small in the penis and big in the grossly overweight stomach. The result is that I apparently can't get very deep into the thing and experience the ribbing and other textures.

    I ordered four inserts at once, three supertights with the three sorts of textures -- wave, ribbed, bumped -- and one ultratight. With all of them I have been having an incredible struggle to find a comfortable position to get in with my enormous stomach to allow for using the thing long enough to get off. I apparently developed a way to masturbate by hand that deluded myself into thinking I was normal. I am obviously not. I can only seem to go about an inch and a half into this Fleshlight before my fat gets in the way and the smallness of my penis defeat the purpose. The incredible depression of the experience makes it hard for me to stay erect as the whole time I am thinking about what a deformed, out-of-shape loser I am, so I end up only half hard or less.

    Today is my 34th birthday. I have never had a girlfriend in my life, due to being a shy fatass with an ugly skin condition that I was afraid of having anyone see by taking my clothes off. I am so incredibly fucking lonely and depressed. I just want to be able to hug a woman, to hold her in my arms. Sex is frankly secondary to me, which is lucky given that I haven't had any except with my own hand.

    I bought this thing thinking I would treat myself and make myself happier, but it has just driven home how fucked I am. I guess my only hope at this point is to find a woman who doesn't mind me only using oral sex on her because my penis obviously doesn't work very well.

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    Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

    I understand depression can get you down, but you know there is so much to life then dwelling on somthing and becomming sad.
    I am really sorry you're having a hard time, the FleshLight is made for all sizes of peniss' so dont worry about your size, as I am told most women dont care!
    As for your weight problem, I'am very sure you can overcome that with some postive outlooks on life, try just simply eating better and getting up and doing more things, you'll be surprised how, in a year, your shape will change!

    [h5]Today is my 34th birthday. I have never had a girlfriend in my life, due to being a shy fatass with an ugly skin condition that I was afraid of having anyone see by taking my clothes off. I am so incredibly fucking lonely and depressed. I just want to be able to hug a woman, to hold her in my arms. Sex is frankly secondary to me, which is lucky given that I haven't had any except with my own hand.[/h5]

    First off, happy birthday! -- Your problem with girls isn't your looks so much as it is your attitude, change your life and your attitude will change too!

    But all in all, life is yours, do what ya want man.

    Some helpfull links: - A wieght loss support forum - Help on suicide and depression.

    I hope I've helped.

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      Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

      Just exactly how long are we talking? A good support board for men with small penises is

      If it's under three inches erect then yes, you will have difficulty having intercourse. That's just a fact of life. However unlike men who actually are under three inches long, you aren't. For every thirty pounds you lose I think you gain an inch in penis length as your fat pad decreases. This is not a case for depression, it's a case for weight loss. You are depriving some woman out there of a man who is longing for intimacy and love, which is a lot more rare than you would think. Women are as responsive to that need as men are to a woman dying for cock, so don't sell yourself short. Lose weight, see a dermatologist and start dating.


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        Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

        Telling an obese person to lose weight is missing completely the point. If the man is as fat as he says he is, then he most likely has a metabolic problem that no diet will ever overcome (we're not talking about being "30 pounds overweight" here). In fact, he probably has lost more weight than you could ever imagine, but the problem is that because of his metabolism, he regained it as fast as he lost it.

        This man needs a multidisciplinary approach with a surgeon, a psychologist or a psychiatrist, a nutritionist and a kinesiologist. Because, unfortunately, drugs or diets alone will never manage to correct the problem. Not because of a lack of will (do you really think he wants to be like he is ?), but because his metabolism is too slow to burn what you normally eat in a day.

        Once again, for the vast majority of the truly obese person (BMI over 40), the problem is not bad eating habits, but an overly slow metabolism. Because of this, changing the eating habits are not likely to have any positive outcome. Some of these persons would need to eat as little as 800 calories per day to keep a normal weight ! That's a real disease, a disease that will kill this man before he even reaches his fifties.

        If you and I ate like in the movie "Oversize me", we would most certainly gain weight, but we would not be able to gain as much weight as this man (we'd die of a heart attack way before). So please be careful before giving "kind advices" to him... he probably was given those advice before and they only serve to exacerbate his feeling of inadequacy ("If its so simple, why can't I loose weight like anybody else ?").


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          Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

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            Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

            Well which would you rather hear--your penis is too small to have normal intercourse and there's nothing you can do about it, or that you can have a normal sex life if you lose weight? Sure losing weight is extremely difficult and may require medication and whatnot, but at least there is something that can be done.


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              Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

              Why don't you just pay for sex?
              You end up saving money with dinner, flowers and drinks and time of course.

              Sex is not a matter of looks, is just a matter of money.


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                Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                Because that really won't solve anything except a temporary problem.


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                  Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                  yo man i feel your pain , when i was 18 years old i was 6'3 300 lbs... no girl wanted to go out with me .. i was really shy ... but i worked on it... i went on a diet i hit the weights with in 3 months i lost 20 lbs

                  now im 25yo 6'3 195 lbs.... and i about to get married

                  Dont worry man there is someone for everyone you just need to go out and look
                  at your age they dont care about sex or how you look .. they just want to be loved
                  shit..... dont be abset about your weight there are many women that like big guys
                  ...... i know i met my girl when i was 270 lbs .. she loved me for the person i was inside not for the fat ass i was outside

                  just dont do anything that you will regret later.....

                  keep it large my friend .. you will overcome this


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                    Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                    Have you ever talked to your doctor about how you're feeling and about what you want to change about yourself? That's what they're there for, to help you. Speaking for my doc, he's the best and I can go to him for anything. Talk to your doc, you'll be glad you did.


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                      Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                      Can we leave the psychology to the psychologists? born loser needs sexual release!

                      Try laying on your back, lubed well and with end cap shut, go slowly with the SB or WW.

                      I like to sit for my sessions with everything in front of me. Experiment! Not only with your FL position, but you're attitude! You are only a loser if you label yourself as such. It's up to you!


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                        Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                        Sometimes I wonder if this "you must have a partner or you are a loser" thing is just a form
                        of "media hype". Let's face it, not all of us wants a woman and kids in just the same way
                        that not all of us wants a 5.1 sound system with their dvd. "no, the tv speakers are fine thanks!".

                        I personally think it's utterly disgraceful for others to put their views of success on others.

                        I know people who "have it all" wife, kids, BMW, yacht in the harbour, pool, plasma tv...
                        you might think this is funny, but they're unhappy... because they're realising "somebody elses dream"

                        There are guys out there in a shack by the beach, it's drafty and they have a table and a chair
                        and an old black and white tv which doesn't pull the channels in too well, but they're perfectly happy.

                        I have suffered from depression, but getting myself married would never have saved that...
                        ok, maybe, with the right person, i'm not sure... but certainly not to be married because
                        "everyone else" thinks I should be.

                        There are loads of people out there in the "you should be married" brigade who have been through
                        a messy divorce, lost the wife, the kids and most of their home or all of it, and are paying a lot
                        of their paycheck to keep kids who they don't see.

                        You know what it is? it';s a con, a dirty big fat lie.
                        and you know what else? we're not pandas or siberian tigers... we're a "mouse plague on IVF"
                        there's just no need to go out and contribute to the gene pool anymore. HOORAY!

                        Live for yourself, feel liberated
                        as much as women don't need men anymore, the same is now true for us.



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                          Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                          From reading here, personally I think the best thing about the Fleshlight is that for men who consider it a perfectly acceptable substitute for a woman, it becomes a perfectly acceptable substitute for a woman. That's a good thing for everybody involved.

                          Mechanicswise isn't there a thinner Fleshlight, like a gag gift that comes in a fake beer can? I think that would do the trick better than a change of position. Certainly paying for a hooker isn't going to solve the problem, unless it's by blowjob.


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                            Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                            Here's another thought, I don't really want to sound negative...
                            the fleshlight is a nice toy, but I don't think I got all that much extra out of it anyway.

                            I think that opposable thumb we're born with is the best sexual outlet anyway.
                            nothing wrong with a good old fashioned wank.

                            The prudes knew how good a wank was, and if you go to some old prisons,
                            you will find anti-masturbation gear was used on the prisoners of the time.

                            A think a lot of us fellas meditate a lot on our penises and we get depressed when
                            it's not quite how we want things, so what if it's not right?

                            There's perfectly good singers, artists, poets and writers pining away to nothing
                            all because they have a little willy, it's terrible because we love these people and
                            we need them.

                            Oh, last night I put an insert over myself and it looked like I had a big floppy willy
                            just like a stallion. wouldn't it be marvelous if the other end looked just like a big
                            penis, veins and all.

                            It just looked really funny to me, more fun than with the case on actually.

                            and it made me think that a person with a smaller willy could always use the
                            opposite end, heck the feeling is the same... even if they did make an insert that
                            looked like a penis on the other end, you could still use that end.



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                              Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                              i'm overwieght, and depressed for almost as long as i can remember (i'm 19)

                              best thing i ever did was get on antidepressants a few weeks ago, completely changed my life

                              doing homework doesn't suck so much, and getting myself to workout isn't miserable work

                              and i don't eat myself into my comfort zone anymore

                              also another big thing that helped my depression, i quit drinking and smoking pot almost entirely
                              i'll only let myself do it once in a while, every few monthes

                              of course i get cravings, but both of them are depressants which really affect how you think when the high of the substance is gone, not to mention drinking 1000+ calories down in alcohol multiple nights a week

                              get on a program if you are depressed, i recommend you look out for meier clinics, they are great for me