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Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

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    Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself


    The problem is that your body is acidic, your pH is very low. When we eat and drink acidic foods
    like sodas and junk food our bodies store this acid in fat cells. pH is very important to human health but the medical and pharmacuetical companies do not tell us this. The acid in your body is causing your depression and your skin condition.

    Here is my website for the products I am using this company has conference calls several nights a week I strongly suggest you contact me and get the call times.

    My contact info is on the website.

    Hope to hear from you.


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      Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

      You must be kidding. Heck, at least fish oil has double-blind placebo-controlled studies showing it helps moderate depression. If you are going to take a supplement for depression, take fish oil.


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        Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

        No I am not kidding do some research,acidity and pH levels are very impotant. Fish oil is very helpful I use it too, look at this product please listen to the prompts. I have used this product for 6 months and my blood pressure has went down 20 points.

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          Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

          Hey Big_Loser,

          I know where you are at in life, because I have spent most of my 25 years in that same place. I've only had 1 real gf in my intire life, and even then the sexual experience was far from mind blowing. It's been 7 years since we broke up and I've had to change my attitude. I've had toaccept that I may not be the size, shape,weight, comliness society wants me to be, but you gotta work with what you're given. I am a new member here on theFleshBoard, and already these wonderful people, whom are completely non-discriminatory, have boosted my self-esteem and made me feel like I'm not a freak. I myself am over 300 lbs. so I understand about size being an issue for sexual positons. I will concur with Copper that a lying postition does help with deeper penetration. I will share, one thing I did to aliviate this problem. This is alittle out there, but if you want to experience a more gratifying sexual experience...and the textures of those insers you bought, then this may very well help. :

          I too have the "Dunlop Curse" (my belly's "dunlopped" over my belt-lol). One way i found to remedy this problem is to make a way to lift your girth away from the pelvic region. Fat is heavy and tends to sag, if you manually lift your stomach you'll notice that it will lift the fat in your pelvic region with least it did in my case, as I said, this is just a suggestion. As I don't have your actual physical stats, i can't say for sure. But , to the point...I found that if I held my pudge up while I masturbated, I felt a more intense pleasure and it seemed to lenthgen my penis by about 1 1/2 " to 2". This is in congruence with what was said earlier about losing weight lessens the pad of fat on the pubic bone. It was hard, though , to maintain this for long, as my arm would tire quickly of holding myself up. I devised a way to do it hands free and it works even to this day for me. I used a belt, because it has notches and i can vary the tightness /looseness to my comfort. You can use anything , but this worked for me...feel free to experiment. What you need: 1 belt (with notches preferably)
          1 hand towel
          Your FL and lots of lube

          1) Take the hand towel and fold it lengthwise once. Place folded towel along the crease under your belly, where the pelvis bone and abdominal muscles meet. This is to prevent rubbing which (through personal experience) can be quite painful.

          2) Buckle the belt into a loop as if you were going to wear it. Make sure it is about 5"-10" shorter than it would be if you were wearing it i.e. - use a smaller notch...or make your own if the belt doesn't go that small. place the non-buckled end on top of the towel and around the underside of your belly. Loop the top part of the belt over your head . While your head is ducked, put your arms through one at a time, like you're putting on suspenders. Let the belt catch on your shoulders and there should feel the tension lifting your stomach now. If it is too tight, adjust until you find your preferred level of "lift" . and go to town!

          Object: The object here is to gently lift your stomach to expose more of your penis so you can have a more pleasurable experience. You will lose the visual aspect of watching yourself, but this can be remedied with a mirror. I was uncertain about looking at myself in the mirror at fisrt, but as I learned to love myself for who I was, now It turns me on sooooo much. A note: Standing or lying down will increase the tautness of the belt, please experiement to find your comfort zone. I hope this will help you achive a more satisfying sexual experience and with time, your self -esteem. I think I speak for us all here that you are not a loser. You openly came to us for help because you saught ^_^. But, think about this...a loser would wallow in his own self pity, you at least made the effort to speak out in hopes someone would help you. If none of what we've said has helped, then let me leave you with these few words...Regardless of our looks, weight, sexual orientation,political views, etc....God loves us all. And The Lord has his own plan for us all. I may be single and lonely....but I am never truly alone when I let Him into my life. (I'm not trying to preach....I just feel that some things ,when we cannot find an earthly solution, should be given to God in prayer. I will pray for you, my friend.)

          3) I have found there to be two major benefits to this method:
          a) It opens up your possibilites of positions immensely as it's hands free.
          b) It helps issolate the muscles in your abdominal area used for lovemaking. After a few sessions, you'll begin to "feel the burn" as most athletes say. I've been using this method for about 3 years now, and until the past year, i hadn't seen much change. But I changed my diet and stopped drinking sugary drinks and attend one martial arts class a week. Sex has been scientifically proven to be an excellent source of cardiovascular and aoerobic exercise....needless to say, FUN! I have lost close to 60lbs. in the last 7-8 months with just a sensible diet, and regular use of my masturbatory regimen. I was about 360lbs. I'm 319lbs! And the ladies have started to notice...^_^

          Beleive in yourself...for yourself....and you will find the key to true happiness...


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            Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

            60 lbs. from masturbation! That's it, from now on I'm riding my dildo in the furniture harness, no more lying down and pronging myself. Boyfriend likes to be on top so I'm stuck there, but dagnabit I'm going to be on top and working up a sweat when it comes to masturbation. That's inspiring! One aerobic exercise I can get into.


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              Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

              Wow well kudos to you to you Divine, took a lot to post that I reckon and you are an inspiration to others..! Best of luck to you ..*winks*

              *grins* @ tantra.. hehe I'm with you .. lately I have discovered standing up and masturbating that gets me going for a great workout.... leg muscles are sore again today! Gym's...who needs em eh? As for the positive results of cardiovascular sexercise HELL YEAH, I am pulling for this sports wear advertising campaign.... Nookie, just did it!

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                Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                Lots of advice... good advice... has been already been offered... hopefully some of it will prove helpful for you.

                I can't relate to the overweight situation myself. I doubt this will help any, but I've always been just the opposite... skinny... and I've been teased about it a zillion times throughout my life. It gets old real quick... afterall, it's not like I *want* to look this way... and in some cases, there may not be anything that one can do to really change the situation. In my case, it's a combination of genetics, high metabolism, and health problems (including major food allergies). I'd love to gain some weight and look more like the stereotypical "average guy" at least, and probably like anyone else that's not blessed with the perfect genetics, who wouldn't like to look like a "hottie" for the women (or the way we perceive what they're looking for as their "10"). But since MOST folks aren't blessed with "10" bodies (male & female alike), we all have to accept ourselves and learn to make the best of what we do have with whatever control over the situation that we might have. Learning to accept yourself, respect yourself, love yourself for who you are is easier said than done, but it's one of the keys. I'm talking about mentally, emotionally, and physically, too. Each and every one of us is special and unique - and we can't let stereotypes created by society get us all screwed up and down on ourselves. Look for the good, look for the positives in yourself... you have some, we all do... and focus on those as much as you can and try to turn this overall negative situation or attitude into a positive attitude where you're in control and can take steps to hopefully improve your current situation through time (it won't happen overnight).

                Often folks that are going through certain experiences feel like they're the only one out there going through whatever it is... you can be sure that you're not alone, that there are others out there that are experiencing the same situation (or have in the past). Sometimes it helps a little just to know that you're not the only one, not some "freak of nature" etc. Sometimes it helps to find others that can relate to your same situation and "compare notes" and sharing experiences.

                I can definitely relate to depression. I can relate to thoughts of suicide as well. I went through almost a year of my life around 23 years ago in what I'll call a suicidal phase. I can't put into words how bad that year was, and how looking back on it I regret that I didn't seek help, and ended up with what amounts to a year of my life "wasted away" in total hopelessness, negativity, and suicidal thoughts. The one main thing that I'd like to throw in here is that suicide is absolutely, positively *NOT* the answer/solution. PLEASE do NOT do anything to act out any suicidal thoughts you might have. If you're strong enough to seriously consider suicide, then you're strong enough to seek professional help. No one can do this for you... you have to take a stand yourself and make the commitment to ask for help. There's nothing wrong with getting help (even from psychiatrists)... you'd be very surprised at how many "normal" people out there are involved in regular counseling and/or therapy. Everyone has problems... and unfortunately sometimes the problems seem SO terrible that you absolutely can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, everything seems totally hopeless, etc. --- suicidal thoughts start taking over --- and things quickly spiral downhill out of control. There are many options to consider... suicide is definitely NOT the answer/solution. There are medications that can and do help... it can often make a night and day difference... and help you get through this and move forward past it... where your mind is able to think clearer and you can then start to tackle the situation/problem itself with a much better overall attitude, perspective and positive approach. Again, this is all a lot easier said than done, I know this myself from firsthand experience. It's EASY to give opinions and advice, etc. - and often you already know on your own what some of the answers/solutions to your situation/problem are that are within your own control. The hard part is picking yourself up and then taking things one small step at a time... one day at a time... etc. and fighting back against the depression and the overall negativity and the suicidal thoughts.

                Sorry for getting carried away here... I can't offer anything to help with the weight situation, and I don't have any magic answers that will make guarantee to tomorrow seem better... but I can guarantee that suicide isn't the answer... and I can guarantee that there are many other options and paths to take - even though right now it may not seem that way (I know it didn't for me when I was going through it). I still suffer from depression, but it's "under control" (so to speak) and life *is* better overall.

                I'm a newb in reference to the Fleshlight... my 1st order will probably arrive sometime next week... but from all of the hundreds of posts I've read here alone, it sounds like there's a "learning curve" for everyone with this product... and in that respect, all I can say is don't give up hope so soon... keep "practicing" and working with it and trying out different ways to use it... and hope that it will eventually work out "just right" for you too. Like the old saying goes, good things don't come easy (no pun intended)... so hang in there.

                I'm normally not a "talker" (big poster)... but the depression and suicide part I just couldn't ignore and "walk away from".

                My $0.02....
                - REN -


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                  Fleshlight makes me want to kill myself

                  This thread is really off topic.


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                    this is really a sad topic

                    i hope his life will get better, and i hope there is something he can do to find some happiness in life and in love


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                      Wow, I hope you're right about that inch for every 30lbs thing. I need to lose about 150 pounds. That'd make me 10.5 inches :P