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    I was just curious how it differed from normal ID Glide. Is it a warming type thing like KY Warming or what?

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    I have it and I love it. It does not warm, like KY warming. It has L-arginine which when taken internally, is supposed to give you better erections but I don't see where it helps when applied externally. It also has menthol, rather light, so it gives you a little cool sensation when the wind blows : ) I've never had a better lubricant however, and purchased a 35 oz bottle. If they sold this stuff in a gallon container, I'd probably buy that as well because this stuff rocks!


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      I also ran through a bottle of this rather quickly.. imo.. with regular id glide i had to dilute it 50/50 with water.. and i didn't do so with ID Pleasure and it seemed to work just fine, i also didn't notice any "enhancing" effects with the L-argenine but to each their own i guess
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        I've used both ID Pleasure and just the plain ole ID Glide, and I prefer the glide. The menthol is fine for spicing things up every once in a while, but I prefer the "normal" slippery lube without the extras for most of my sessions. For those who like flavored lube, ID also makes a "cool mint" lube that has menthol in it like Pleasure, and smells minty fresh too! :-)


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          I've been using ID glide and astro since I got mine SB mouth... I recently saw the TV adds for the type "she" uses, the type "he" uses and when mixed together "pow!". Anyone try this yet? SOunds like marketing fluff to me. :-)


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            i like the pleasure better than the others as well... ive yet to have a problem with it or the glade... but am a little dissappointed on the WET one.. its a little too runny for my tastes...