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The "My Best FleshLight Orgasm" thread...

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  • The "My Best FleshLight Orgasm" thread...

    I'm starting this thread to gather stories about your best FleshLight orgasm, in fact, your best FleshLight experience.

    I'll start, as usual:

    This is a very hard question (hehe). How to choose the best one. Is there even one best experience, or are they all the same? Well, my very own best ever FleshLight experience was with my SpeedBump. I was on my back, with upper body propped up with pillows, watching an especially hot solo female masturbation video on my laptop, full screen. The neat thing about the video is that the woman masturbated to several real strong orgasms, none of that fake shit, and you could see the contractions pulsing through her pussy in time with her cries of joy. Awesome!!! So I just put that video in looping mode, and matched my strokes in the SpeedBump with her contractions. Pretty soon I was holding on for dear life, my cock head swelled to fist size, and those bumps in the SpeedBump were doing a number on my knob... Intense. I eventually (probably after 5-10 minutes) let loose with an orgasm so strong that I bucked and shook, and filled up the FL with my juice.

    I've been able to repeat this experience many times since then, with various other videos of women solo masturbating. Thats my kink and it gets me off every time -- old reliable

    OK, your turn!

    SpeedBump here, my review of it here.

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    What a coincidence, I also love to watch a woman get herself off!!! However, I cant find any good vid's of that, so I usually just watch some Girl on Girl porn, and that is sometimes better than solo for me. Anyway, I have my bed rigged so that the mattress is at the perfect level of my hips, so I put the FL of choice, STSR, between the mattress and go to town. Most of the time with my SR, I can have a few multiple orgasm experiences before I have the most intense mind blowing orgasm into my STSR lady while watching two girls have orgasms at the same time!!! A totally awesome experience everytime!


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      Orgasmic Women

      I don't have a copy yet but this sounds like a good bet: