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    Fleshlight For Couples

    Just letting everyone that might be hesitating to tell their wife/girlfriend about the fleshlight to go for it. About two weeks ago I finally decided to show my wife the fleshlight. I brought it into the living room and she asked me what I had. I unscrewed the lid and she saw the insert and was immediately interested in it. Within a couple minutes I was naked on the couch and she was using it on me. She said she absolutely loved the whole experience of using a toy on me.

    I showed her the website, and I think we'll be sitting down to order one together to order one here in the near future

    That's way cool and you're a lucky dude
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      My wife actually ordered me my first FL, then I ordered 4 more on my own. Like yours, she LOVES to use the toy on me. She says it gives her a feeling of real "dominance" to be able to use the toy to edge me to climax again and again. Sure, she can do this with her mouth or hands also, but the toy adds something to the experience....for both of us actually.

      She really gets into the suction aspect of the FL's. So much so that she now takes the cap completely off and uses her hand. With the flat of her hand, she has EXCELLENT control over the suction.

      BUT......and you gotta try this with your partner if she's up for it.

      My wife gives GREAT BJ's, but she's not really able to deep throat me. So instead, we took one of the FL's (a butt STWW model) and cut off about half of the insert. Then we warm it up and my wife uses it on me WITHOUT the FL case. As my cock sticks up a few inches past the end of the bobbed FL, she sucks on my head while stroking me with the FL portion. The sensation of the butt FL gripping the shaft of my penis coupled with her slurping and twirling her tongue on my glans is EXACTLY what a deep-throat BJ feels like (at least the one or two I had before I met her). My wife also claims it's hot to see my cock poking up out of the FL and it makes her feel like she's doing something for me she really wants to but can't (gag reflex issues).

      OMG, just typing this gets me horny....gonna get the kids to bed early tonight for some oral loving I think. :-)

      Try'll LOVE it!