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Positions with the fleshlight

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    Positions with the fleshlight

    Hey guys, I am having some trouble with getting into comfortable positions with my STU. The only way I can cum with it is if I lay down and just move the fleshlight up and down with both hands.

    I have tried to put it under the matress or in a shoe (need more explanation on that one) but for some reason when I use it with the matress, I never cum. I end up going for over 40 minutes until my dick starts to become numb, so I just lay on my back and do it that way. I want to be able to cum with the fleshlight without having to use my hands on it. And when I try it with the shoe way, I cannot get comfortable and my dick keeps sliding out.

    I am uncut and also a virgin, and I am trying to get accustomed to different ways of fucking so I am not a complete newbie when I do the real thing. I want to train with it, but it is hard to when all I can do is lay on my back and do it manually with my hands. It takes away the "realism" and it feels just like a masturbatory tool (even though it is). It sort of simulates a woman on top sure, but I need to find some positions to use with the fleshlight so that I am in more control.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. You can't just have a spur of the moment Flying session without preparation. You must have some type of stimulation to convince your brain that you are not fucking a piece of rubber, but a real person. PORN PORN PORN !!

    2. Make sure you use plenty of LUBE. If you have a problem in this area, mix your lube with water for longer results.

    3. Make sure your positions are comfortable. The between the box spring and mattress is a good one as long as your dick in in alignment with the F.L. If you have to bend your dick up or down, this is an uncomfortable position. Also, If you are Kneeling on carpet or hardwood floor, this may me uncomfortable as well. Protect your Knees. I always Kneel n a soft blanket because the carpet irritates my knees.
    Go FLY-ing


      Some other ideas to add to the above...

      The shoe method offers you a whole host of options. But only if you get creative. Here's a few:

      1) Use large, heavy books to raise the shoe angle to fit your frame. Basically put the shoe sole-side down onto a book or two and you can get different angles of penetration.

      2) Using the same books, turn the shoe onto it's SIDE and you can simulate a reverse spoon position.

      3) When using the shoe, stack pillows around the whole setup to give you some cushion for lying on or otherwise gripping. Really helps to simulate a woman's curves and cuddling effect.

      4) Check the forums for "hands free fleshlight stand" for an inexpensive FL mount made from PVC pipe fittings that will allow you to use the FL hands-free while standing up...some guys just have crappy knees and can't get off while kneeling.

      5) Get creative....if missionary is your fave position for hands-free and you don't like the shoe method, there are other ways to attain a similar feel. Get yourself a large block of foam and cut a hole in it for the FL and try that (aside: A POX ON ANYONE WHO DARES MENTION THE FABLED PRINCESS UNIT HERE). I've seen guys use one of those chair-pillows (like for sitting up in bed) and flip it over and affix the FL to it for a pseudo-doggy style session. Get yourself an air mattress with a cupholder built into it and try that. Or grab a sleeping bag that's rolled up tightly and shove the FL case right into the center of it. I've even seen a post here recently about using bungee cords around an inflatable Pilates excercise ball. And not that long ago, someone posted links to a Japanese site that has a step-by-step "build your own freaky woman-looking form out of towels for your FL sessions" pictorial....not my cup of tea, but it amazes me how creative people will get. Lastly, just look around your house for anything that gives you a good height for your desired session and then figure ways out to attach the FL to it. And then come back here and SHARE your invention with the rest of us pervs! LOL.

      6) What insert are you using? I can easily go 40 mins to an hour or longer regardless of the setup if I'm using my untextured inserts (not counting the UT). But textured inserts, going's a challenge to last 30 minutes for me.

      7) Some guys like watching porn while doing their FL's. I prefer the theatre of the mind. Go check out the "What's your Kink?" thread for ideas. If you like porn, try POV (Point of View) porn flicks....they are pretty cool simulations when used with the FL. If I have anything besides my brain working when I use my FL's, it's listening to the sounds of a woman masturbating and giving herself an orgasm. Lots of these out there that are pretty hot.
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        I like to use the cupholder in my Subaru!


          Marvin, how the hell does that work out lol?


            Your dick becomes numb????? Crazy
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