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Positions you do with your fleshlights

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    Positions you do with your fleshlights

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that i have had a fleshligh (SuperTight) for more than a month now, and i love it! but i had a question for everyone to input, suggest, and give comments on, what position do you do when you use your fleshlight?? im trying to think of different positions, i only do two, sitting down and going up and down on my dick with the fleshlight ST, and i try missionary by putting 2 pillows between the fleshlight and holding down the top pillow to keep the fleshlight from moving and just giving it too the FL!!.so yes everyone here what kind of position have you tried and that feels and works really good, hope everyone can suggest a few of there favorites and even inventions they have made hehe.
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    Just listing a few from the boards and personal experience...I haven't tried all of these myself:

    Lying down

    Sitting in a chair

    Between boxspring/mattress a la doggy

    In a shoe

    In a shoe sideways

    In a shoe on a book with a pillow over it

    Have my wife use it on me in a variety of positions

    In a PVC elbow fitting bolted to a desk

    Between cushions of couch

    Strapped to a Pilates ball with bungee cords

    Home-made female "bodyform" made from foam, towels or other (I've seen pics of this!)

    Just a start....


      There's many positions demonstrated in videos on And they're also described in the FAQ.

      Personally, I lie on my back and move the case (and the insert of course) up and down on my dick. Similar position to woman-on-top

      P.S. Now you owe us a testimonial on how you like your SuperTight Just kidding about owing, but I'd love to read your opinion on what's good and what can be improved.
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        testimonial on supertight

        i love the supertight, its really good, im thinking of getting a new insert soon.


          I stick my fleshlight right in my desk where my keyboard pull-out thing is. It fits perfectly and I can watch porn on my monitor while I bang it with hands free. My only complaing is that it is a few inches too low, so I have to somewhat spread my legs out, or slightly kneel. Other than that it is an awesome way to FLy


            I usually start with the "between 2 pillows" method and finish lying on my back. But I never cum in the FL...which seems to put me in minority around here. I always finish using my hand or rubbing the FL up and down my dick.


              same... but i finish inside the FL, more enjoyable


                Yeah, I orgasm MUCH harder and with fewer "soreness" issues if I come inside of my FLeshlight versus just using my hand. To me that was the clencher for the FL deal....I wanted something I could come inside.


                  The best position (imho)

                  Im sort of the macgeyver type, I have one of those 24" 'quick clamps" that are readily available at most hardware stores, I got mine at home depot, I also have a large 4 legged coffee table, I warm up my fl, then lube my shaft and fl, insert it into the case which I have clamped to the table leg securely about 6" above the floor, u can make ur FL adgustable to any angle and height, then tighten the clamp with just ur hand strength, it wont break the case, it's hands free, and It beats the pillow or mattress or shoe anyday, 100 times better, Ive allways liked laying on my left side (being right handed) this works for me excellently, especially like the hands free, and any angle or height you want, our problems are solved gentlemen.


                    Quickclamp!?!?! I've got like 4 of those sitting in my workshop. What the hell have I been thinking? You, sir, are a GENIUS!



                      Im sort of a trouble shooter at work, u can read my profile, I just didnt like holding it cuz thats not a real feeling of intercourse, the mattress method is ok but I have a knee problem and it's awkward, the shoe method, come on, I knew there had to be a better way, besides I didnt like my case smelling like my feet, and it was hard not to keep thinking "what the hell am I doing screwing my shoe???", I couldnt get a real good climax from those methods...thanks for believing in me...ckeck out my other post for what I consider the best insert (for me anyways.)


                        LubeNLuv, some pics of that quick-clamp arrangement would be nice, when you get the hang of it
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