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  • Check this out from Japan: *****


    Looks interesting? Don't think its available in US

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    If I get the drawings correctly, these are basically pringles-type "soft" cans with some form of jelly masturbator embedded inside. The different shapes/textures allegedly give different sensations (BJ, oral/anal, etc).

    Interesting that while all the "cases" appear soft/flexible, some are actually articulated cases where you can move the case and, therefore, the insert within as well.

    Interesting concept. I wonder if these are like most other Japanese male masturbators in that they are quite short (5.5" or less)?

    But oh dear god....WTF is the "Hole Warmer?" The translation appears to indicate this is designed to insert into a LIVE woman to make her "winter frigidity" disappear?!?!?!?!?

    Please tell me that is mis-translated and is, instead, designed for the sex toys? Please?


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      Interesting: the drawings make it look "multi-textured" inside, rather than a single texture through the whole "can," yes? I found the "double hole" one interesting: one side "bitter," one side "sweet."


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        Originally posted by LubeNLuv
        But oh dear god....WTF is the "Hole Warmer?" The translation appears to indicate this is designed to insert into a LIVE woman to make her "winter frigidity" disappear?!?!?!?!?
        Sorry Lube, I'm afraid you DID read that correctly Similar principle to those pocket warmers some people use while skiing and such. Press some kind of release mechanism and the two chemicals mix and cause heat. Geez, what will the Japanese think of next?


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          strange, intriguing and kind of clever....

          The drawings look like they could be pretty cool, even though it is hard to tell just what the size of the actual "cups' are...
          Particularly intriguing are the double hole and the "piston action" ones...perhaps a modification of the standard issue Fleshlight case is in order to achieve the flexibility of "piston-action"....


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            I'll actually be in Tokyo next month and I always manage to get a few days to run thru the Harajuku and Shinjoku commercial mall areas. I've got to find some of these while I'm there and maybe I can give a better report once I've seen them.

            What concerns me about their design is that I can't seem to figure out if there are two openings as in the FL inserts. These look a little more like the closed-end jack-off devices that are a bear to clean.
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              We anxiously await your report, Lube! (But I think you're right about one "opening per canal" -- they did look close-ended to me as well.)


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                That's some crazy stuff right there. I wonder how they mold such complicated inserts...?


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                  Those cutaways look like a jet engine or something.

                  The steam in that other pic scares me.


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                    When are women ever cold enough to need a hole warmer?


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                      Originally posted by broken
                      When are women ever cold enough to need a hole warmer?
                      I'm almost afraid to answer that question as I believe it's illegal in all 50 states. Well, maybe not Arkansas, but the rest of the 49 for sure.


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                        I don't quite understand, is this some kind of masterbaitor? Anyone got any more info on this thing?


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                          Interesting Ideas

                          Yeah they are close ended devices according to the schematics. But what the hell, it'd be nice to have like 4 or 5 textures in one device. I'm thinking I'd get the Roller or the double sided one, both look really interesting! Hmm I wonder if the company will send to the US, I'd love to try one out.

                          Hey, here's a link, they're calling it Fleshlight Japanse Style


                          Also, they note that at 1000Y they're probably a "single use" toy, rather like those lubed sponge one shot masturbators you see on the net from like Doc Johnson

                          Add one more linky, the English version of the site.
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                            I've mentioned before that I think ILF should really consider variable-intensity textures for their inserts. Sure, you get this a little with the endcap today, allowing you to screw it down tight for a tighter experience, etc. However, I'm talking more about differing the texture pattern/feel along the length of the canal. I've done this myself with my home-made Veggina texture on a ST Lady insert. It's quite rough at entry, then smooth on top/textured on the bottom for about 3-4" and then I added a "g-spot" of texture at about the 4" mark on the top only. The result is really pretty amazing. And this is via crude self-texture via a vegetable grater. What would a FL that started out as a SR texture but skipped to SB texture feel like on your cock?

                            Their canal design appears interesting, but I do question how much different each style of "nub" feels to a cock. The penis may be a highly sensitive organ, but from personal experience, it's not that discriminating. Mine wants something tight, warm, wet and bumpy, preferably attached to a beautiful woman, but just as happy with a Fleshlight.

                            That said, I'd hit one of these, at least in the name of science.

                            And thanks very much for the English link! It REALLY helps to understand some of the differences.

                            For example, I find the "lotion resevoir" feature quite interesting. Imagine having a self-lubricating FLeshlight insert? And the double-ender insert? If you read the english descriptions, it ALMOST sounds like it's designed for allowing two men to penetrate the insert at once as opposed to using it as a "reversible" insert by just one man. The comment about the two holes being "hygenically seperate" and allowing for a "make believe threesome" makes it sound like it was designed with this purpose in mind.

                            And damn, my eyes are burning staring at this bright red screen! That hurts!
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                              This sounds interesting. If anyone finds out anything about ordering, please post. I have sent a message to the company and will let you know what I find out. Thanks.