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A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations :(

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    A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations :(

    Hi, eveyone. I'm new to this forum and I intend on buying my first fleshlight this weekend. I need some serious recommendations on which to purchase.

    Some fast facts about myself:
    -I'm a 22 yr old virgin
    -I am circumsized, 5.9 inches in length, 5.5 inches in girth
    -I masturbate a lot (maybe 2-3 times a day) and can ejaculate fine
    -I recently dated a girl that gave me a handjob but I didn't really have any feelings and can't climax (we are currently apart because she is on a half a year vacation)
    -I don't know if this is the death grip syndrome, but I do believe I am too used to my left hand and a circular way of masturbating, not the traditional up and down strokes
    -I feel I have de-sensualized my penis by excessive masturbation

    My concern is that I cannot climax through hand job / blow job / sexual intercourse because I am too used to my circular motions on my left hand.

    I want a fleshlight that can re-sensualize my penis AND be quite realistic to a real pussy so during our separation, I can gain the sensitivity back and be prepared for her pussy. Please advise me on which one to get!!!

    Thank you VERY much for your inputs and I am very excited to buy this product.
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    Re: A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations

    First of all, welcome. Second, I'm 21 y/o with similar dimensions and I had your concerns about a year ago. From my experience, I would say one word - Vortex. It is amazing and every time I used it, I just felt healthier.


      Re: A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations

      I agree. Vortex is the way to go. Though STU and its exercises may help, it may actually be too tight/intense, whereas Vortex is a much tamer experience, and definitely better for what you speak of.


        Re: A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations

        I agree that the vortex is a wonderful product and one that I think too often gets overlooked in various discussions on the forum. I had an original way back near the beginning, and then over the years bought a vortex, Story destroya, and alien. The destroya provides a very intense experience, but is by no means a very realistic experience. I find myself going back to the vortex often and it is always a great experience.
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          Re: A very concerned first time buyer that needs Recommendations

          Get the STU.

          You want an intense sleeve so that as you are curing Death Grip you will actually feel something and make it enjoyable to use. If not, you will end up disappointed and go back to your hand, which will only make your situation worse.

          In terms of realism, having a realistic feeling FL is not going to make any difference. Since a FL and vagina are totally different from each other, you will only train slower if you get a realistic FL as the texture won't be intense. You can't directly compare the texture of a vagina to that of a FL. Since so much of the sensations of real sex do not come from the texture of her vagina. You should seek out the most intense FL available because during real sex, the other factors involved will be more responsible for making you climax than just the physical texture of her vagina. Once she starts moaning and her orgasm starts, it will quickly arouse you and get you to the edge.

          If you get the STU, you will cure your DGS and also train yourself to last longer when you are with her. This won't take away from the sensations you feel, but it will enhance them. By using the STU you'll regain sensitivity, so you'll feel much more of her pussy. Even though you feel more, the training aspect will take over and allow you to hold out. So you end up with the best of both worlds: you get to feel all of her pussy, and you get to feel it for a longer period of time due to your training. So it's a win-win to go with the STU and not something less intense.

          Good luck!