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Which combination should I go with?

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  • Which combination should I go with?


    A couple years ago I bought a SIAC lotus, unfortunately I was hardly ever able to use it due to my living situation. However soon I'm moving to a house of my own and, to celebrate, I thought maybe a couple new fleshlights were in order!

    The only problem is I can't decide what to get! here are the two things I was thinking:

    1. Alien, Vortex(Butt), and a shower mount

    2. FLG mini lotus, mystery sleeve, and shower mount

    So my question is: is the mini lotus enough of a difference from the siac version to be worth it or should I go with my first option? or something totally different?

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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    Re: Which combination should I go with?

    The FLG Mini Lotus ends up feeling a lot different than the SIAC version, mainly because it's not nearly as tight. However, I much prefer the SIAC Lotus over the FLG Mini-Lotus.

    My choice would be option #1 as the Alien with the Lotus Node is amazing and is one of my favorite parts of any texture. The Vortex is a solid contender that is not overly intense yet can slowly build into a great orgasm. Those two sleeves are much better than the Mini Lotus which I consider to be average and a mystery sleeve which is well, a mystery.


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      Re: Which combination should I go with?

      Thanks for the advice, I think I'll place an order for the alien and the vortex tomorrow! I can't wait to try them out, with no worries about anyone interrupting.

      Even thinking about my purchase after that... maybe a 3 for 2 pack with a destroya...