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Got my moneys worth before even using it

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  • Got my moneys worth before even using it

    I know some guys like to refer to their toys as "tools", but in this case, it was actually true.

    Long story short, I needed a good suction cup device for getting a dent out of my car. I figured if this would do it then I don't have to pay for dent repairs, and if it didn't pop the dent it would still be a nice addition to my collection. Believe it or not, the shower mount removed the dent on the first try with very little effort after securing the base to the center of the dent which was slightly larger than the size of the suction cup.
    So i guess if your the type of person to want to fly in the wilderness/public, it should work on your car...

    As far as it's intended use, in the shower it can get a bit noisy suction wise with the water pouring on/around it. However I like that it is secure enough that you can simulate different "positions" with the placement/angles. Not necessarily a bad thing, but now I am back to that "which one do I use this time" dilemma some people have after getting a second FL, but for me it's now between the shower mount and the Vstroker.
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    Re: Got my moneys worth before even using it

    Sweet! Never thought about using the suction cup that way. Good call C.

    Also the indecisiveness... I have a fair number of Fleshlights and it is always a pain trying to choose a sleeve,
    I can only imagine trying to multiply your options by three... NOOOOOOOO!!!