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I need help choosing the best fleshlight

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    I need help choosing the best fleshlight

    Ive been searching around the internet for masturbators because I am tired of using my hand for getting off. I came across the fleshlight , and i must say its a very nice product but in a few weeks I plan on buying one I measured my penis and its about 5.5 inches long and 5.5 in girth. My question is which flesh light should i buy.

    We have the exact same penis size. I have the following inserts:

    SuperTight Pink Lady

    UltraTight Mocha Butt -- This insert is pretty good. The only downside is that it is hard to keep well lubed because it is so tight that you tend to push the lube out of the insert, but I still like it a little better than my SuperTight

    WonderWave Mocha Mouth -- My favorite of the three. I really like the texture.

    A recent poll posted on the fleshlight forum showed that people that are not circumsized tend to like fleshlight inserts with texture and people that are circumsized tend to prefer the smooth inserts. I'm not circumsized and that may be why I like my WonderWave the best, but if you are circumsized I would probably recommend the UltraTight, but you can't go wrong with the SuperTight, either. I haven't tryed the SpeedBump or the SuperRibbed. I wouldn't recommend getting the Regular insert because I think it is too big for guys of our size. Whatever you do, be sure to get a fleshlight as oppose to some other masturbator. The fleshlight is way better than any other masturbator in terms of the quality of the texture and its durability.


      I am circumcised i wish they had a ST chocolate but I think I am going to buy the ST mocha, and a bottle of WET lube



        Super-Tight Wonder Wave was my first insert.
        You absolutely can't go wrong with that.

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          What is the best between Pink Lady and WonderWave ?



            All this discussion about "whats the best between fleshlight A or B" is completely off the mark. You want A sometimes and B other times. Why would they make fleshlight B if fleshlight A was clearly better? Who'd buy B anyways?!

            No, the truth is that every fleshlight has its own character, its own advantages and its own disadvantages.

            I've tried to make some sense of it all here:

            Of course even that is (unavoidably) colored by my own preferences. That's just the way the world works..
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