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  • curious...

    Okay I'm not a BIG guy.. I'm thin 5'6'' 138lb male and my penis is only about 5.5 inches which is below average right? So I always have tried getting with girls that are petite so it could make me feel good about myself, but lately there has been this girl which is my best friend and she has developed a crush on me and is down to fuck.. Now she is a big girl like 170lbs maybe I don't know but she's you know a fat chick but I always wondered if with my problem of me being small and always going after small girls I would need a bigger dick to satisfy my best friend.. "the fat chick" . I f So any comments anyone??

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    Re: curious...

    it is not the size of the worm, its how you wiggle it
    it is all in the technique.
    I dated a curvey girl before.. and she was an absolute nymphomaniac, she come over to my apartment (I was separated at the time from my marriage) and woke me up at 2am just to have sex. I did not resist.
    She had a beautiful face and fantastic humor.

    Anyway...go for it. Spend some extra time with foreplay (may be whip out some toys) and she will love you for it.


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      Re: curious...

      5.5 inches is more than enough to satisfy a woman and let me tell you those bigger woman are GREAT in bed and they know how to suck you off. I once banged a bigger woman. She wasn't huge but she was bigger. I enjoyed every second with her. Just do a lot of foreplay to get her really heated up and don't do doggy style too early. Trust me on that one. Go fuck her brains out!