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To anyone unsure about buying (my Puma Swede review)

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    To anyone unsure about buying (my Puma Swede review)

    Let me preface this by saying, I am no virgin, I have had numerous sexual encounters in the past 5 years, that being said, I was skeptical that the Fleshlight could live up to what is claimed on your website, furthermore, I could not have been more wrong. I timed my order so that it would arrive when I was here by myself, and it did, next; I applaud ILF for their discreet billing, and shipping, I could have set the shipping box on my kitchen table and had company, no one would have even mentioned it.

    Sleeping after being home from work (night shift at Costco stocking shelves, part time for my student loans), I hear the doorbells' "ding!" and I immediately sprung to my feet, I knew what it was, I had just missed the courier and there it was sitting on the ground, my first Fleshlight. Quickly, I scurried inside to find a pair of scissors and open the package, sure enough, there was the insert in the plastic bag, the case, the postcard, the instructions and the 2 oz. bottle of Gun Oil. Remembering what I'd read about washing once before and warming, I opened the plastic bag and to my surprise, it was a lot more lifelike than I had ever imagined, the website really doesn't do justice to it, this is something you need to feel for yourself.

    And so, I filled up the sink in my bathroom with hot water, running water through it once first, then I returned to watching TV in anticipation of what was yet to come, 20 minutes later I returned to the sink, drained the water and tried it out with my finger, the lifelike similarity I alluded to earlier was now intensified by about 10 fold, it was like an actual vagina, since I'd spilled some Gatorade on myself driving home from work but was too tired to take a shower before I went to sleep, I started my shower and returned to the package, retrieving the Gun Oil, back to the bathroom, I took about a dimesize amount of lube and covered myself, shaft and all, then I took another, smaller amount of lube and lubricated the entry and a bit down into the insert.

    Next, after viewing some porn I was able to get an erection that I furthered by stroking myself as I returned to the shower, now in extreme anticipation, I grabbed my FL and jumped into the shower, quite literally; to put it in perspective, my shower is a large shower stall in the center of the room, the water comes straight down and so there is plenty of room not to be directly under the water. With relative ease, I penetrated my first FL, for the very first time, the similarity to that of an actual vagina was uncanny, far more similar than I ever hoped or thought it would be, I loosened the cap some and went to work, stroking out, and back in, feeling the grip of each rib, I buried it to the hilt for a few minutes as hard as I could go, then backed off, edging myself, a minute or so later I did the same, but once I was at my peak, I couldn't let myself come down off the unparalleled exaltation, I let myself go, experiencing the most powerful release I've had since my first sexual partner.

    I removed the insert, placing the case on the floor outside the shower door, and ran water through the insert, feeling inside to make sure there was no residue, there was none, I shook the water off and placed it back inside its case, finished my shower and got out, ran some more hot water in the sink and placed it there again, waited another 20 minutes or so and I needed to have another go, I lubed myself and my Fleshlight up, this time sitting at my computer with visual aids handy, as lame as it sounds; I simulated what was going on in the porn in front of me, with my Fleshlight, ergo if the pornstar slipped out, so did I, experiencing the euphoria of entering once again, this encounter was much shorter, but the release was even more powerful. Again, I ran some water through it, reached inside to make sure it was clean and presto, I felt nothing but the insert itself.

    So as I stated in my title, to those unsure about buying, while your results may vary, this is my review of the Puma Swede FLG (thanks, Puma and ILF!) As the normal work day draws to a close, my household returns to its normal bustle of activity, so until tonight when I'm alone with my newly beloved Fleshlight, that will be all.

    Just thought I'd add my third experience, while everyone else was outside my FL was calling me, no time for warming this time, just lubed up and went at it, this wasn't as enjoyable as the first two as they were warmed and more relaxed, but for a quickie the release was just as euphoric as the first two. I've just got to say again, you guys have an amazing, amazing product.


      Great testimonial, Demetrios!
      Aawwh.. Now I _REALLY_ want the Wonderwave... :P
      My first Fleshlight arrives tomorrow morning. It's a pink lady STU. I can't wait!


        yeah the WW is great and so is the stu!! have a happy flight

        great review


          What a fantastic review! You should be a writer for ILF


            I once thought reviews such as yours were scripted by ILF sales execs.

            Then I got a FL.

            You eloquently recount my first FL experience so well.

            Great review and welcome to the community.