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A lifesaver for men with sensitive skin

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    A lifesaver for men with sensitive skin

    Ok, not a lifesaver, but pretty darn close. I have skin condition that makes me very sensitive to friction. As a male (aka frequent masturbator), I have had some type of wound on my cock for as long as I can remember. It seems to take a few weeks to get better, then I go overboard and wound myself again (due to DGS) in a slightly different spot. Over the years it has gotten worse and worse.

    My wife and I love to mutually masturbate, and I had called a stop to that (too painful). Sex doesn't tend to hurt it when using lube, but we are the parents of three kids under three. It is hard to find time (and energy). I have found myself wanting to cum at least once a day since I was 13...

    Finally, I got a Tori Lotus. My wife and I can have fun again. After 1 week, I have no wound on my penis, and I will never have one again! I ordered a forbidden and just tried it. I am safe with it too, but I find it not as fun (yet).

    A Fleshlight is the only safe way to masturbate for men with sensitive skin!

    For dermatologist in the audience: I have a minor form of Epedermolysis Bullusa. I usually heal normally on my penis, stomach, and some other parts, but am still very sensitive. I would recommend this to all male patients with EB 12 years or older. I wish I could go back in time 25 years and give a fleshie to myself as a kid!


    Re: A lifesaver for men with sensitive skin

    I am extremely glad you were able to use one and it not irritate you skin! I really am happy for you! Oh, and welcome to the forums!


      Yes indeed. The Fleshlight Masturbador is a lifesaver , for sensitive skin, or to whichever other types of skin there exists out there...
      Compre o masturbador masculino mais vendido do mundo. Vaginas e ânus masturbadores feitos com material patenteado idêntico à pele humana.