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    How to use SB / review

    I've had this for about 3 weeks. The first time I used it I managed to pump all the way through orgasm and it was really great but for a week or so I couldn't pump through it because of what other people have said it is "too intense". So if it is too intense and you have to build up to it, yet the first time I could keep going. So here is how it works.

    1.)If you pump really fast, it won't feel good and then eventually yes you will probably stop at orgasm because it is too intense. You have to go slow. Try 1 second downstroke, 1 second upstroke. Really no more than about a full down/up in about 1 second maybe 2 per second. That's it. You should feel the difference and still be able to keep going when you orgasm and so far it has worked.

    2.)Invert it. If you hold it by the side you will notice the cut is diagonal, I flip it upside down so that the longer diagonal cut goes further on the bottom rather than top. Otherwise the FL doesn't make it down fully on the bottom of my dick and it doesn't feel as good if I spin it right side up again.

    3.)It seems to have loosened the material a bit after a few goes..maybe a week. Either way take a sock and wrap around the insert just before the first suction ring and stick it in / remove when done. It keeps it tighter and works a lot better.

    4.)Usually just keep the suction completely off. I change as I go depending on feel but I will maybe only go up to 50% suction. 100% w/ the sock method makes it way too tight.

    Now that I figured that out is great because the first time was awesome and every other time just kind of sucked and of course stopping at orgasm sucks. Currently I use a few pumps of cetaphil hand lotion and then a tiny bit of water (say about 5-10 drops). Whether or not that is on the list of do not use lotions, it is working good once the technique is down. I will also say that too much water makes it super slick and sucks. I don't know how that compares to the water based lubes at all but I would say go minimal on them.
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    Re: How to use SB / review

    Just to warn you - I do not know what is in cetaphil hand lotion, but if it has any sort of oil in it it will harm your Fleshlight. We only recommend that you use water-based lube or other products, because the material will degrade!