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Helpful Hints for Posting Impressions/Reviews

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  • Helpful Hints for Posting Impressions/Reviews

    There's honestly not going to be a wrong way to make a post telling folks about how much you love a specific product. However, if you'd like to drive up more conversation, or want others to share in your excitement, it wouldn't hurt to detail out what you're talking about.

    Here is an example of titled post: "STU - New User - First Impressions"

    Again, this is just an example, but the most important thing would be just to really let others know what product you're talking about, and whether or not it's a full fledged review by you, or the impression of your first ever use of it. It'll help get the ball rolling on conversation, and let other's know what to expect before reading your topics.

    This will not be enforced in any way, just a helpful suggestion in order to help out your fellow community members.
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