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Review of my collection and looking for recommendations

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    Review of my collection and looking for recommendations

    I have the following Fleshlights
    • Sex in a can, Sukit Draft. 7/10 My first one, because of the size. I really liked it, but after I bought other FL it is too tight for me. Especially the case.
    • Blade 1/10 Used it a few times. Is the only FL that went into the garbage can. No stimulation at all, even if you squeeze it. Do not recommend!
    • Obsession 6/10 I really like the texture, but it is actually so intense that you don't feel anything.
    • Punk 7/10 Similiar problems like the obsession, but definitely a good texture.
    • Goddess 8/10 Not as intense and very good for edging
    • Euphoria 8/10 A little tighter as the goddess. Less variation.
    • Turbo Ignition Blue version 9/10 Incredible realistc sensation at the start, than intense, but not too much. Incredible texture.
    • Go Surge 12/10 I used this FL probably as much as the rest together. I like this version very much, because of its smaller size. It is easier to handle, but the texture is not as tight as the sex in a can versions. You can actually feel every inch of the texture. The Go series just clinges very nicely and because of that I have a better sensation.

    Why do I post these reviews? I am looking for a new FL and I am looking for recommendations, with the following hints.
    • Average sized. I reach 50% of the normal FL, so I don't feel the texture at the end.
    • Ribs > bumps
    • Should be tighter than the Euphoria or Goddess

    I am thinking about buying one of these: - Empress - Storm - Fit - Sugar - Dorcel series (similar texture to the Go Surge?) - Christy Mack Attack - Turbo Thrust (any difference to ignition?)

    I hope I could help you guys with my reviews a little bit and am looking forward for any recommendations.

    Thank you for your reviews. I have to comment about dorcel, I don't really feel bumps and texture of it.. Same with Destroya. Vortex could be good choice as it's texture continues from start to end as same.


      In other words, what would you recommend if I enjoy the Surge texture? I like that milking sensation combined with an intense texture. I heard the Dragon is nice, but it looks kinda boring. I don't know.


        Joanna Angel Misfit might be worth a look.

        And thank you for sharing your experiences with your Fleshlights. Much appreciated.
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