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Don't be afraid to experiment with crazy looking textures!

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    Don't be afraid to experiment with crazy looking textures!

    I was a bit afraid to go with any of the crazy textured sleeves for my first FL, thinking they'll be too stimulating, so I went with the most usual lotus one which is suppose to somewhat simulate real vagina and be the most casual experience. But after some time I got curious and decided to just go crazy and bought all the different ones that looked interesting. The Alien one, Empress, Goddess, Trigger, Bookworm and Gauntlet. And truth be told, the textures don't really provide as intense stimulation as you might think looking at the cross section images. Some look super ribbed, spiked and with intense textures and nodes and you think you'd cum after just 5 seconds in those, but they are actually really pleasant to use without too intense sensation. The sensation is really much more subtle between them than you might think, but still distinct enough to be worth trying others.

    For example, the tornado shaped entrance into Alien can hardly be sensed as you penetrate it. You can, but just slightly. Goddess waved ribbed part in the beginning can be felt in a distinct way, but again, it's not overwhelming. The bumps in Trigger can be sensed, but again, after a while they almost disappear as you stroke it and the Empress probably feels more realistic than the lotus because of the wave ribbed texture across entire sleeve which gives a smooth but nicely stimulating sensation across entire sleeve without too intense nodes in it. Only Bookworm surprised me a bit. It has no lotus node, but it creates a really intense suction which feels really good, but you have to be ready for it, mostly because the spiral texture hugs the dick quite tightly.

    The lotus node is quite critical part within the sleeve which provides rather intense (although very nice) stimulation and at least in my case strips the dick of lube a bit too much since it's quite tight and quickly makes stroking a bit uncomfortable without adding extra lube here and there. If you like sleeve in which you'll last longer without the lube stripping issue, go with the ones without lotus node.

    Sleeve opening also makes a difference. Depending on the pussy shape and angle, it also affects the penetration sensation. If the pussy opening is already wide, it'll feel that way. If it's tight looking, it'll feel tighter to enter. And those that are at slight angle with more of the pussy lips on one end, those may also provide different experience depending on how you turn it for penetration. If pussy looks symmetrical, it'll feel almost the same no matter how you turn it.

    Just few useful things I've learned myself though be aware that we don't have same dicks so your mileage may vary. :P

    Totally agree. The Destroya for example looked, uh, a little scary? I mean, who would want those little teeth scraping their dick? But once I actually tried it as well as other more aggressive textures, I found they're quite pleasant.

    One thing to note is that the material matters a lot more than you'd think. The clear sleeves, including the ICE lines and Flight lines, are not as soft or yielding (personally I avoid them now). You'll feel them a lot harder. The standard pink stuff is much, much softer. Consequently, the Pilot and Destroya have very different resulting sensations despite being actually the same texture but different sizes and material (the former is clear, the latter is pink). There appears to be a third material for the FL Girls that's even softer but it's only subtly different from the standard pink.

    I actually threw away my Flight Instructor because it was harsh and wasn't really fun at all -- just annoying. Then I bought an Alien, and the deeper section has the same bump-texture but because the material is soft, it's actually incredibly amazing. The material makes all the difference.


      True. I actually enjoy the Alien material a lot. It's quite different than the usual "natural" skin ones, but in a good way. It needs very little lube and it's way smoother than the usual "natural skin" materials. It's also much easier to clean.


        Having just last night explored the Destroya for the first time, I have to agree with Angelof’s comments on the scary looking sleeve. I’d be reluctant to go with the gnarled teeth and extreme contrasts of the Destroya variant for some time, instead choosing more vanilla textures like the wonder wave, tornado, pilot or Go. Man, what I was missing!

        i find that when well lubed, the extremes turn into more of a single, pleasant constraint that resists, but doesn’t prohibit pushing through. The second chamber is similar, further restricting, and adding additional tightness as I pushed near the end.

        In all, a great texture and a new favorite.


          How do the right angles feel? Looking for a lotus garden replacement.


            Back for a visit after a long hiatus. If you don't like your toy, you can hack at the insides with a wire cutter or similar tool after turning it inside out. Inside out is interesting.

            You can chop pieces from the outside as well. It can be a reversible toy.

            Also if it rips, there are industrial glue sprays that can seal the rupture after you bind it with rubber bands beyond the far ends of the of the split.