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A product I'd like to see in production

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  • A product I'd like to see in production

    Hi I'm a new member here and this is my first post, so go easy on me. (I guess this is a good a place to post this thread, if not maybe one of the mods can shift it to the right place).
    I have seen a few products which are basically a big slappable ass which you can pile drive like a spider monkey on your bed with a pussy hole and arse hole to fuck. Only trouble is that the holes could become boring or worn out etc. I was wondering if there was or is any future plans to produce such a product that could have a fleshlight inserted. Maybe even model them off the fleshlight girls or a generic one. I like to use my fleshy in bed usually but it's a bit awkward/uncomfortable to pin it down and blast it while on top without it moving around. Don't get me wrong, I love the fleshlights, but I also like a big slappable arse. The arse could be made out of the same fleshlight material and I reckon it would feel great banging up against it while giving enough weight to stop it moving around. It would probably cost a small fortune because of the sheer amount of rubbery stuff needed for a big arse but it only need have maybe an inch thick and the centre filled with a high density foam or something to reduce costs and increase bulk. I kinda like the idea of having interchangable inserts to keep things varied while having my favourite womans butt to hold them for me. Possibly even with two holes for butt and pussy option for flipping between the two.
    If they make one I'd defo buy it. Just a nudge nudge to the makers
    I suppose if anybody else has ideas on stuff they would like to see made, here might be a good place to post and hopefully get seen by the manufacturers.

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    Re: A product I'd like to see in production

    Considering that one of the first - if not very first - patents filed by FL's founder back in 1995 was for a "hip" mannequin pretty much like you described (albeit from the sound of it, maybe with a little less cheekiness than what you're looking for) - I'm inclined to guess 2 things:

    1) ILF's had one in their skunkworks, and are either optimizing the design and/or trying to figure out a way to make it economically feasible to produce and sell them.

    2) They had one in the skunkworks, but determined it was easier and far more profitable to sell the FLs as we see them now and either back-burnered or totally nuked the idea, opting instead for 3rd party manufacturers to take the financial risk on R&D for FL-compatible hips, bodies, furniture, and whatnot.

    Original "hip" patent:

    First version FL patent (I think) filed the following year:

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      Re: A product I'd like to see in production

      HI Alien, thanks for the info. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I'd still like one though. Not sure if it's against forum rules to ask if there are any other manufacturers who make one. I wouldn't have thought it would as if they arn't making them it's not competition. On the contary it might help shift a few more fleshlights.


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        Re: A product I'd like to see in production

        Nice reference Alien. I had no idea they had a patent for that way back in '95.

        I'm a little surprised they haven't brought it to market yet. I know I would kill for something like this.

        Cat, there are already other vendors selling these types of products. Just Google "hip mount" or similar and you'll find them. The problem with them all is the material isn't very good, not like what ILF uses with the FLs. If ILF can make this hip product using the same material as FLs or something similar it would destroy the competition's material and I'm sure would be a big hit.
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          Re: A product I'd like to see in production

          Appreciate the kind words, fellas!

          There's a particular brand/model Japanese "hip" out there that I personally thought looked tempting from a video I ran across recently of a guy having at it, and interesting enough to possibly give my FLs a run for their money; I'd give out the name/linkage, but I'm sure it wouldn't be kosher to do so here.

          It has both orifices with very interesting and lifelike interior textures; externals aren't quite as realistic as FL's, but decent enough to get the job started. It looks to be fairly petite, so again maybe not exactly what Cat's looking for, but life-size enough if you like your gals on the tiny side (I had a 4' 11" girlfriend a long time ago and it did seem to scale, from what I remember), though I'm sure someone out there makes these things bigger.

          The firmness factor of the material seemed rather interesting, sorta reminded me of the softness of my Alien and other Freaks. No clue about durability, but supposedly one of the better brands out there. For the near-$300 USD they cost, they better be....

          In fact, I think the price is probably a big factor in why ILF hasn't made their own, since the better ones seem to be in that $200-$300+ range. There's a lot of material in these, at least a few pounds worth, which I'm sure could get cost-intensive on the manufacturing side. For the same or less money, you can get several FLs with a whole bunch of different textures, especially during promotional/sales periods and/or with Fleshbucks discounts, and I think more guys would opt for the variety and lower cost of entry (no pun intended....originally).

          Another thing that I could see hampering sales is storage. For most guys with "normal" lifestyles, there's probably a bit of a creepiness factor involved - not necessarily for them, but rather a worry about what their girlfriends/spouses might think if they ran across one in a drawer or closet. A Fleshlight or SIAC is one thing with their small and intentionally discreet form factors, but I could see a life-sized hip with torso and legs removed giving some folks the willies (and making potential paramours think you're Hannibal Lechter Jr.)...

          Lastly, there's the whole cleanup issue. The hip I mentioned above is one of the newer-breed ones featuring drainage holes, which for some odd reason seems to be a relatively new development. One of the bigger sites that sell these actually says many prefer the older style models because they feel more realistic with better suction. Certainly understandable....but damn, who wants to spend half their day using a bottle brush to clean out their spooge, followed by a huge drying time? THE ultimate first-world problem, if ya ask me....


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            Re: A product I'd like to see in production

            Yeah I've seen some of the hip mount things your talking about but if you could use a fleshlight as an insert you would have way more variety in which insert you chose to put in. Also the cleanup would be easier and they would last longer too. I don't really have a problem with what people would think about it at the moment because I live on my own. Maybe if I had a woman move in she would have to like toys for a start and most of the women I've spoke to seem pretty broad minded these days with regard to boys and their toys. Still, not the kind of thing I'd want to leave out on the coffee table as a conversation peice lol. The FL material would rock for this purpose but like you say it is going to be expensive if it was nothing but that. They could be made cheaper by having a different filling material to bulk it up a little. If they could roll 'em out for around $300 I reckon they would sell like hot cakes.


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              Re: A product I'd like to see in production

              Self Cleaning method!! definately. Cleaning after you reach an orgasm is not that cool.