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  • New Review of Fleshlight Launch

    So it has finally happened. After a long time of searching for a mechanical stroking device that I actually had some confidence in buying I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a Launch after my previous disaster with the Onyx. Here is what I think so far after the first use:

    (TL;DR final opinion at the bottom)

    Unboxing and starting up new:

    The packaging was very well thought out and was easy to open and get the Launch out and ready. It was basically just a thin box that opened from the top and had two foam pieces, one at the top and one at the bottom to hold the launch in place during shipping. The launch itself was just covered in a thin plastic bag which had to be torn open to be removed. It came with a mini usb charging cable, a quick start guide and a user manual. Out of the box the device only had a little bit of charge, just enough to turn it on and see it move and hear the motor before I had to start charging it. Overall the unboxing and initial test was very straightforward and no-nonsense. Which in all respects I think it a good thing because when you are ready to get down to it you don't want a complicated setup.

    I have also heard some early adopters of the device stating they had difficulty getting the fleshlight to lock in place and stay there during use. Some even reported the fleshlight would come lose multiple times during a session and got fed up with trying and went back to manual stroking with their hands. I can only say that during my attempts so far the fleshlight was easy to lock in place and stayed there the entire session, which was about 5-10 minutes the first time and about 15 minutes the second time. I have yet to have any real issues with keeping it in place, but maybe I just got a good device or maybe there was something with the way the other users were handling it. To date I have only tried holding it up with my thighs in an angled position and holding it up straight on my hips with my fingertips. Both ways there were no issues that I encountered.

    Setup - Interactive Vs Manual:

    Sleeve -
    Lady opening with mini lotus internal texture
    Lube - Regular Fleshlube

    Interactive - When you first start up the Launch it automatically starts the interactive mode and starts looking for a bluetooth signal to pair too. You would think that could be your PC or your phone, but it looks like for now it has to be your phone. I have yet to find a way to get the interactive mode to work with my PC's bluetooth adapter. I can pair it, but when I watch an interactive video it doesn't do anything. The only way that I could find to get it to work was to download the suggested app from the site, install it on my phone, sync my Launch with my phone's bluetooth and then watch a video on the site once the device was ready.

    Right away I noticed a delay between the actor's movements on screen and the action of the launch. During a transition where the woman was going from fast to slow and then back to fast it took a little over a second for the Launch to catch up with her movements. This is a little disorienting and breaks the immersion, so until there is a direct connection available or better syncing I think I will wait on any interactive videos to use with the Launch. A great idea, but I don't think the settings are there quite yet. I would also like to see a downloadable program that allows you to use the launch with other sources, like videos you have downloaded on your PC, rather than having to pay to temporarily subscribe to videos on the site. Not to mention being able to sync it directly with my PC rather than through my phone.

    Manual - Manual mode is where things to start to get interesting, for me at least. This is the way I decided to actually insert into the launch during my first use so that I could control the experience more than what I was getting with the interactive mode. First off you have to turn off the interactive mode, which requires a few seconds of touching the bluetooth sensor on the device. I find this kind of annoying since, for me, I plan on using manual mode exclusively for the time being. I wish there was a way to set it to where you get to choose what mode you want the default to be. Even with that being the case I wasn't disappointed once I got it going.

    I started out making sure that the stroke started at the bottom of the machine and was a long slow stroke to the top. With plenty of lube and a warmed up sleeve this felt AMAZING. Being someone who has had to go without a partner for a long time and having to deal with manual sleeves up until this point it was great just to sit back and relax and let something else do the work. The device with a fleshlight inside is heavy enough that I can have it sit in my lap with only my fingertips holding it up straight. I also tried keeping my legs and knees in an a-frame shape and letting the device work hands free. This worked up to a point, but the device created more up and down movement of the entire chassis when I took my hands off since it was now sitting at an angle. It worked, but wasn't quite as stimulating as holding it up straight.

    A point I forgot to mention is that the device has a soft silicone type O ring around the entry so that there is no hard surface in contact with your thighs or groin, making it very comfortable to let sit on your hips. When standing straight up the device is heavy enough that it can easily stroke you even on long slow strokes with maximum suction on the fleshlights end cap. Using the controls was also fairly simple, although they did take some getting used to since there was no clear indication of where the settings were after touching the controls.

    To explain, there are two "touch" controls on either side of the Launch. The one on the left is the slider for speed and the one on the right is the control for length of stroke. When the device starts it will always be at the lowest starting position for entry. Once it starts however, if you stop the machine or change the stroke length the start for the stroke length will be wherever the device was when you touching the controls. Which means that there is the chance you can start a short stroke repetition when the device is halfway through a full stroke. This is both good and bad. Good because if you want the sensation of a woman who is only going halfway down on you with short-fast or short-slow strokes you can do that. But it's also kind of bad because that means if you are using it in manual mode you have to pay more attention to where the device is on the up or down stroke when you make an adjustment.

    I started using the device with slowest and longest stroke possible and made my way up from there, going to the medium long stroke and then the fast long stroke, then going through all of the short-fast stroke settings. At anything faster than 90 strokes per minute it is too fast for me to handle physically since it is too much stimulation, but it does indeed go quite fast when at the highest settings. It also get progressively louder the faster it goes. On the low to medium settings it only makes about as much noise as an inkjet printer. On the faster settings it's quite noticeable and I was kind of worried the noise would be audible outside of my room. It's still not as loud as other machines I have seen videos of though.

    As I stated before the touch controls are a tad bit convoluted. You have to start at the top or the bottom of the control and slide your finger slowly up or down depending on the adjustment you want to make. It kind of makes it seem like you are caressing the device, which is an odd feeling lol. If you don't do it slowly enough the device doesn't really respond. If you do it too slow you may not get the adjustment you want, especially on the stroke length. Also unlike with the interactive mode you have to make any changes yourself, which can sometimes break you out of your enjoyment, but that's fine if you are wanting to last for more than a few minutes, which I was unable to the first go around since I was changing the settings too much. Another thing that I find to be a good point is that at any time during the session you can stop the Launch by pressing the power button 1 time, which is great for when you want to finish and can't deal with any extra stimulation while you do. I tried leaving the device on a long slow stroke while at the end of the session, but couldn't handle the extra sensations, so I just hit the power button on the lowest down stroke and left it at that.

    Another thing I really liked was the fact that when I finished there wasn't any real cleanup other than the normal amount you would expect with a regular fleshlight. The device itself doesn't get covered with lube or anything as long as you finish inside the fleshlight and removal of the fleshlight was a snap. The only thing I would suggest is that you quickly place the device on its side or upside down when removing the fleshlight if you do finish inside so that you don't get any drippings anywhere.

    Overall Opinion if TL;DR:

    If I absolutely had to give the Launch a rating after only a couple of sessions I would give it an 8/10. The initial setup for use is pretty easy, it pretty much works as advertised and the feeling of mostly automatic stroking is great for those of us who are used to using our sleeves completely manually. The interactive mode needs some work since there is a syncing delay for the actor's movements. The manual mode is fun but the controls can be slightly finicky at times and there is no real way to tell what speed and stroke setting you are on. But the device itself is well designed, comfortable to use, easy to disassemble when done and requires no cleaning if you are not a messy user. The two main downsides I experience were: the device starts in interactive mode by default and has to be changed every time to manual mode if you want to use that and the device cannot seem to sit upright while charging because of the way the base is designed. This is a bit of a bother because the charging port is on the back of the device. I think it needs a proper stand for charging. Maybe something that could be used while having the warmer for the sleeve inserted would be fantastic.

    Do I feel the purchase was worth it? Absolutely. For the price compared to what other electric stroking machines offer I would say the Launch can't be beat. I will see if that opinion changes after repeated uses. It came with a 1 year warranty, so we will see if it lasts that long with regular use. Personally I will be using it as often as I can when I feel like putting it together for a session and it is fully charged. I hope this information helped anyone who was considering buying a Launch or was just curious and might think about getting one in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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    This is the first positive I've read here about it. Now I'm interested in getting one again. Thanks!!