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  • First Impressions, First Flight Flight, First STU Flight

    Been curious for a while, but once the Flight came out, I was convinced. I love the concept, but was concerned about the fit/comfort, so I ordered both the Flight and the STU. My wife is going back to school for her Masters, so I was wanting a little something for all the "study-time" that is in our future. For those who might be interested in the size comparison, I'm 6" long x 5.75" girth. Summary of my first flights in each are as follows:

    Flight - I decided I was going to try this one out first in hopes that maybe I would fit perfect, and would have no use for the STU and could send it back without opening. Many posts in the forum have talked about the uncomfortable tightness of the smaller products. I loved the feel of the sleeve, the textures I could feel with my fingers, and the texture around the opening that was a good tease. While, I seemed to fit the unit ok, it was definitely tight, but not uncomfortable. My only concern was that I wasn't getting a good feel of the textures inside. It might have just been me, and breaking it in, which I will definitely give it the old college try. I loved the more discreet design, I found the opening to be inviting, and surprisingly easy to get into. Overall, I would give it 7/10, and optimistic that it will get better, especially on those days when I'm in the mood for something nice and tight. But since I had the STU, and was still slightly concerned about the size of the Flight, I went ahead and opened the STU and got ready to use it two days later.

    STU - I was initially surprised by the size of the case, especially after first using the Flight. The sleeve felt every bit as good as the flight to my fingers but yet slightly different. It was a surprisingly different feeling texture on both the outside and the inside. The details of the opening were inviting and made it easy to get up for what was my second ever flight. I did notice that I had to "find" the opening vs. the Flight opening that felt like it pulled me right in. But I parted those lips and once inside, I could instantly feel the difference between the two sleeves. While the STU wasn't loose by any means, I had enough room that I could feel "some" of the textures inside. Like I said above, I'm pretty sure it's my newness with the products that is causing me some difficulty identifying/describing the textures that I was feeling. What I did feel was fantastic and it unfortunately surprised me how quickly it was sending me over the edge so I had to stop and take a break for a couple minutes. After my break, it built back up fairly quickly and wasn't really in the mood to slow it down again. When I finally came it felt like a nice long session with my wife, intense, long lasting, and once it was over I had to stay completely still. Overall, 9/10 and again am optimistic that with continued use, it can only get better, and that I can gain better feeling and control.

    Overall, I am happy with both sleeves, and am glad I decided to keep both. Thank you for all of the reviews posted previously about the Flight and the STU.

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    Re: First Impressions, First Flight Flight, First STU Flight

    I'm buying the flight, I'm sold. just need the funds.