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  • Stoya Lotus Review

    I bought my first Fleshlight when I was a freshman in college... so that was in 2003. It was just the basic Pink Lady... and man was it awesome. I couldn't believe something like that was possible, and it made my showers much better. Unfortunately, due to my non-care (mostly because there's not much you can do when you're in a college dorm room in the way of keeping the thing dry) it molded... and I eventually threw it out.

    I then bought my next several Fleshlights just a couple years later. I met, who is now my wife, in 2003. She actually never knew about the first Fleshlight, but after I graduated I only found a job on the west coast - when she was going to be in the midwest. I bought 3 sleeves - the Ribbed, Wonder Wave, and Speed Bump ones - all ice. Those too, eventually molded, and eventually threw them away about a year ago.

    I will be, once again, away from my wife for a few months this summer, and decided that I could use something to make my nights a little less 'lonely' while away. Plus, I figured this would be a great thing to add to our sex life - especially because I decided to get the Fleshlight On a Mission mount - it just makes it better when you're thrusting. That way I could be using that while I was going down on her (or who knows... maybe I'll finally tell her that I'd like some anal action and she'll use a strap-on at the same time).

    I went to the Fleshlight website (I've been getting the e-mails for years, so I've kept up with their new innovations) and I knew I wanted one of the Fleshlight Girls inserts. I shopped around looking at them, and even though I find Eufrat to be the sexiest one there is, her pussy insert just wasn't jumping out at me. I looked at all the others, and seemed to be the most intrigued with Stoya. Her pussy lips looked great - there was just something about it that looked really sexy to me. So, then I had to figure out which insert I wanted of hers: Lotus, or Destroya.

    I regretted buying the Super Ribbed one when I bought my second round of Fleshlights because it was entirely too intense for me. I've found that I actually don't need - or want - a crazy amount of stimulation while masturbating or during sex. I can't concentrate on the head for long at all... which is probably also why I don't much care for blowjobs (at least not without some great hand action as well). Thus, Destroya scared me. I was worried I would get it and it would just be too intense for me and I would never use it again. So, I decided to go with the Lotus. I had read some other reviews and it seemed to be pretty well received. So, I placed my order. (I also ordered the Stoya Forbidden... mostly because the mold of her ass looked AMAZING... and it didn't disappoint. Look for that review later.)

    I have to say that Fleshlight should work on their customer service some. I placed my order on the 14th, which was a Saturday. My credit card was charged on the 16th. I read in the FAQ's that most orders are processed within 24 business hours, and that ILF reserves the right to wait 1 to 3 business days after payment is confirmed before shipping, which means the 19th is the absolute latest it should have shipped. I did not get an e-mail or anything and it was the 20th, so I e-mailed customer service. I got a response saying only that my package would be going out that day because they had gotten a lot of orders and that I should be getting an e-mail that night with tracking information. I replied, and said that was pretty annoying given what is on their website (I know... it's a sex toy, get over it, right? Well, yeah, but I got the Mount from Liberator because it was cheaper and had already gotten that... so there was the mount sitting there BEGGING me to use it, but I had nothing, so I was getting a little irritated) and that I think something ought to be done about it. I got no reply - NONE. The next day came and I hadn't gotten tracking information, so I sent ANOTHER e-mail asking about that and if there would be a reply to my previous e-mail. I was given the tracking information and that was it. It didn't get here until today. So, it took nearly two weeks from the time the order was placed until I got it... that seems way too long to me.

    I was pretty amped when I got the package. My dick was waiting to get inside those inserts. I hadn't jacked off at all before for about 24 hours, so I was pretty ready to go. I opened up the package, got out the Lotus insert, washed it off, dried it off, lubed it up, put it in the mount, and started going at it. I was completely hard when I first got into it... but over the next minute or so of thrusting in and out, I realized I was losing my hard-on. It wasn't feeling very good at all... it was like I couldn't feel anything. I started getting worried I had made a mistake and gotten one that wasn't going to work with me. Finally I came... but it wasn't good at all. I washed it off and put it away thinking I'd give it another whirl later.

    So, just a few hours ago, I pulled it out again, lubed it up, lubed me up, put on some porn, and started going at it. Then I started feeling it... it was pretty subtle, but it felt pretty good. As I became even more engorged the subtle nuances of the canal became even more pronounced. I could feel the lotus nodule resist against the head of my cock as I thrust in, and then wrap around it and swallow it and it felt incredible. I wasn't even paying attention to the porn anymore, I was paying attention to how great it felt. How could I not have felt these things before, I thought. My mind echoed back "who cares... enjoy it now." When doing it by hand, I usually finish off in a certain way that almost induces an orgasm - I don't slowly stroke until I cum. I had forgotten that Fleshlights aren't very conducive to this since you're in a canal - you can't change the pressure exerted on your cock. But I didn't care because this felt great. About 5 minutes after sliding in I was cumming - and I mean cumming. I was balls deep just emptying every last drop as far in as I could get it - nearly twitching with pleasure. My cock kept pulsing to try to get more out, but I had no more. I slipped out, very happy and content. I set it off to the side, wiped up, and got back to studying. About an hour or so later... my cock woke up again. It wanted more of Lotus, and so I had to give it to him.

    For those who are contemplating buying Lotus texture, let me tell you the following. If you are the type of guy that requires a lot of stimulation - particularly to the head - this is probably not the insert for you. This insert is all about nuance - unless you're just over 8 inches or longer and can easily get to the texture at the very end (seriously, FL???? why would you put those that far down?? The average penis size in the United States is about 5 and a half to 6 inches. I'm above average at 7... and I can't really even get to that stuff), because those are actually pretty stimulating (I took the case part off and squeezed the insert down around my dick so I could feel them). So, if you're that type of guy that needs a lot of stimulation to get off, and Stoya's pussy seems to do it for you, then go with the Destroya.

    In the end, I'm very happy with the Lotus that I got, and am looking forward to getting to know it even better. Just know... it may be a slow start. A previous review on this site on the Lotus said it best when he said that it was like having sex with someone new - the first time is never that great... but it just keeps getting better from there.

    I give it a 9/10 (because the lotus nodule could be further down, and they could have brought the texture at the far end down a bit so the average guy would feel it).