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  • Another vote for Vortex

    Iīm 25, under 6" in lengt, not girthy, uncut happy guy, used flashlight for few years. So there is low to medium experience. I had ST,STU,Nipple Alley, Swallow, some more I donīt remember. They all are gone. Primarily due to the bad maintenance, and bad feelings from those sleeves. I Really liked STU(bad maintenance) but finally went from dislike to hate other textures. As my medium sexdrive needed to be coolded down, it was really difficult without Fleshlight. I started to do bad things and that was the point I knew I must get my Fleshies back. I took STU back again and bought Vortex also.

    STU: The texture is a bit different from the first one, bought years ago, and I can feel the difference, but is still good. Very good.

    Vortex: It was hard start with this texture. I felt bad about the money I spent, I had some problems with my health, and I also didnīt enjoy that texture. Too sharp-edgy-striking texture feeling, that it was not comfortable.
    It was hair close to be thrown again. But as I know about better feeling of my STU when the sleeve is outside its case, and I am aware of learning curve, I decided to make some experiments with lube and also just make more flights before final judge. It changed my life to before and after Vortex. I really cannot feel those big humps-canals of the sleeve, but I deadly-like the texture. It is not more intense than STU, but is definitely is more pleasurable. Maybe too much. All my cumming muscles are going crazy when the time comes, and unstoppable shooting goes on and on. I cannot go any further and must stop, not because of uncomfortable feeling but, because of my fear about myself. When I was young, I had hernia/rupture, and donīt want to go there again, because when I shoot in my Vortex, those muscles goes crazy, painy and crampy, because the orgasm is so, so, so! long! Not like 10s in my STU, but over a minute!
    This is a masterpiece :-)