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Review/Comparison of Forbidden and Sukit Draft (SIAC)

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  • Review/Comparison of Forbidden and Sukit Draft (SIAC)

    Hey guys,
    after I got rid of my Forbidden (Jenna Haze anus) FL because it was starting to come apart and have holes in the SuperSkin,
    I soon decided that wanking isn't the same without a Fleshlight.
    I went ahead and ordered a Sex In A Can Sukit Draft.

    When I opened the box, the two lips really turned me on but when I wet the FL and my dick with lube and entered the mouth, I was rather disappointed.

    The Forbidden could get me awesome orgasms and was a superb feel (squishy tight ass), I had gone over to using only the sleeve to wank - sometimes normally, sometimes lying on my stomach and thrusting in and out of the asshole.

    The Mini-Swallow (I can't say too much as I only have it for one week) is not that great for me when I use it inside the 'can'. I think it doesn't resemble a real blowjob and the swallow point which was supposed to give me awesome feels like in a deepthroat doesn't do a lot for me.
    I found one trick how you can make the most out of mini-swallow:
    0. Warm FL if needed
    1. Sit down on a chair/armchair/...
    2. Take the sleeve out
    3. Wet the sleeve, but not a lot
    4. Enter the mouth as far as you can
    5. pinch the sleeve together above your glans
    6. When you exit, an amazing sucking feel overwhelms you
    7. The ribs amazingly stimulate you
    8. Cum hard

    -What do you think of my comparison?
    -Do you have similar experiences?
    -Which FL would you recommend for me after getting rid of the SIAC (in a few months)?