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  • Ecstatic first time user!

    I recieved my first Fleshlight a few days ago and so far, I am very pleased! So pleased, I thought I'd share my experience here! So here is my testimonial, from start to finish:


    I discovered Fleshlight a few years ago. There was a sidebar ad on some random pornsite that caught my attention. The videos looked pretty hot and overall, the marketing looked very professional. A while later, I was chatting with some people online when Fleshlight entered the conversation. He went on about how remarkable it was and how "it was the only way to fap". I did a little research and did develop some interest, but not enough to place an order. Still, Fleshlight was something I kept in mind as a possibility.

    Ordering and Shipping:

    Fleshlight has become very popular and there must be solid reasons behind that. So about a month ago, I decided to jump in and experience what everyone's raving about.

    I chose to build my own Fleshlight but was left with the ever popular decision: which sleeve? I did some reading and noticed the "Wonder Wave" was a popular choice amongst reviewers. So that's what I chose. I didn't want to go too exotic the first time because I know I'll be ordering more sleeves in the future.

    The order process itself was pretty straightforward. I was a little dissatisfied in how long my order status was stuck in "Picking" though. I placed the order early Friday morning, expecting it to ship the same day. It was not until two whole business days later (not including the weekend), my order finally shipped. I feel like ILF Inc. could have done a little better job at processing orders in a timely manner. Nothing to get upset about but it is what it is.

    Pricing was in-line with my expectations. I'm just glad I could order my Fleshlight cheaper online because they're selling for just under a bill at the local novelty stores.

    As for shipping, I received my order exactly one week after I placed it. Fair enough. I was at work when the courier arrived so they left my package at the leasing office, under custody of my landlord. Thankfully, the packaging was discreet, otherwise that would have been an embarrassing experience

    My overall impression of Pricing, Ordering and Shipping is satisfactory. The quality of the product outweighs everything else by far. Knowing what I know now, I would have gladly payed double and waited two weeks, without a single complaint.

    Unboxing and initial impressions:

    Once I cut open the dull, brown box, I caught my first glimpse of what will be one of my favorite purchases in recent memory. Inside was the ubiquitous black case, the sleeve (inside a "shell"), a pamphlet with a very sexy woman on the cover, and some order paperwork.

    The first thing I did was look through the pamphlet. There's basic instructions on use and care and also some advertisement. Considering I knew all this information by looking at the website, I quickly set it aside. Still, it's nice to have something physical to hold and read, incase I want to show a friend or what not.

    Next, I opened the shell and took out the sleeve. I got a nice feel and was very impressed on how lifelike the material is. It was almost a surreal feeling at first, it truely does feel like skin.

    I was a little disappointed my purchase didn't come in retail packaging but I'm okay with it.

    The case was a little bigger than I envisioned but quickly that thought left my mind because I couldn't wait any longer, it was time to try this thing out!

    My first FLight:

    I filled up my sink with warm-hot water and left the sleeve in to warm up. I proceeded to take a long shower because I had just got off work and was dirty. After about twenty minutes, I got out, dried off and reached in for the sleeve. It was not as warm as I thought it was going to be but I'll get into that later.

    I shook the sleeve off lightly as instructed and placed it inside the case. I then got on the computer and searched for some suitable material to watch. Once I got sufficiently hard, I applied some lube on myself and also in and around the orifice of the sleeve. I had purchased some Astroglide "Natural" the other day in anticipation of this event.

    The first insertion was very pleasurable. Once I got a few pumps in, it really dawned on me. Fleshlight does feel like the real thing. And I'm judging that off recent memory cause I had just gotten some from this girl I'm seeing the other day.

    I had to make some adjustments to the suction cap but soon got into a good ryhthm. That's when it started getting real good. I found myself having to slow down and hold back just after a few minutes, the sensations were that intense. Eventually, we all lose and when it came time, I was unprepared for what happened. As I was reaching climax, I started to pump faster and harder seeing how far I could take it. When I finally came, it was one of the most intense, spasming, leg twitching, fulfilling orgams I had ever achieved by myself. I had to stop pumping and just comatose on the chair, it was too much.

    After that experience, I cleaned up thourougly and left everything out to dry. I then started reading our forums and came across a new method of warming the sleeve. Now earlier, I touched on this and I'll go into detail now. Apparently, you can warm the sleeve with an electric heater blanket and not damage it. I just so happen to have a small, heater blanket on my bed that ironically, wraps around the Fleshlight case perfectly. So after reading all this, admittingly, I got horny again. I decided to try the new warming method. I placed the sleeve inside the case, closed both ends, wrapped the heater blanket around the case, than wrapped my bed blanket around it. I then set it to the lowest heat setting and let it "bake" for two hours, as described in this forum post.

    Fast forward two hours, I'm in my chair, lubed up and ready to go. The first insertion was better than the last by far. It was nice and warm inside, even more like the real thing. I won't go into much more detail but will say my second orgasm was even better than the first. Next I will try keeping the lube warm! (another tip I read on our forums)


    I couldn't be more happier with my purchase. The Fleshlight is a wonderous device and the inventor should deserve praise by all mankind. This device is so good, I don't think I'll ever go back to the hand. I'm now looking forward on making more purchases in the future and see what other experiences are out there!

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    Re: Ecstatic first time user!

    My husband loves his new FL too, he said it's the next best thing to the real thing. We often use it together, but I travel a lot for work, so he has some material I ordered for him and he uses this when I'm not around. This has also opened many topics for us and allows me to see him completely satisfied. I'm never one to turn him down for sex or foreplay, but there are days where I'd rather see him completely pleasured. I like to watch him thrust in it or even just use his own hands to use the fl. What he likes best is when I use it on him, or we do a faux threesome with it. There's so many fun things you can do. We also use the heated blanket method, it works well and he says it's better than the water method. For the times when we don't have a couple hours to warm it up we either fly cold or just use the warm water. On the days he flies solo he said he just goes cold.

    Glad you like your new toy!


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      Re: Ecstatic first time user!

      I received my first ever Fleshlight yesterday, it's the Riley Steele lotus. Quite frankly I didn't choose it because who it was molded after, but because I wanted a pussy orifice and this one looked the sexiest to me.

      I share Stev83's opinion about the size: I didn't expect it to be this big either, also it seemed a bit heavier than I thought. But the material of it is just mind-blowingly soft and stretchy. I got excited just by touching it and putting my finger in it. Another thing is that the pussy lips are really detailed and fun to play with, more so than I thought.

      It was good that I read the forum and other sites before I ordered my Fleshlight, so I already knew how to have the best experience. I warmed the Fleshlight and the lube with warm water for around 10 minutes, then went for it. Unlike some first impressions I read, I thought it was absolutely amazing! Of course, having sex with a partner will always be miles better than masturbating, but if I just look at the sensation my penis gets when penetrating, I would say it's pretty darn close to the real thing.

      So yeah, absolutely worth buying, it's so much better than I expected it to be.