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  1. Re: What are your top 3 Vstroker Videos? To buy videos or get membership to Vstroker?

    The way I see it, the videos tend to come out once every couple of months, with a rare occasion that 2 will come out in the same month. So if you were to use the "monthly fee" to purchase standalone...
  2. Re: Ordering issues from Vstroker.com and the spring sale

    They are usually good about doing right by their customers, systems get glitches, and usually all it takes is a message or two.

    Just a few things kind of bug me about their marketing.
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    Re: If you could make a freak

    I still don't understand why they color the dildos on the freaks line, but not the orifices. All the freaks orifices should have a matching color option and I bet they would sell more.
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    Re: Who is this girl ?

    I have to know who this girl is. I don't care if she does xxx or not. That ass curve is phenomenal!

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    Re: New user here - slight concern (Forbidden)

    Anyone else find it a bit fishy that RobbedMe and Fleshyboy both joined within a day of each other, have the same number of posts, and only have banter posts on this one thread? But I digress.
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    Re: Content & Ordering from Fleshlight.com

    Technically you don't even have to buy the vstroker to get access to the 8 videos and the 14-day trial(pretty sure it's 7 days now though?). But when you purchase it it should come with a link to the...
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    Re: Vstroker seems to be a dead product.

    seems maybe the cam revenue has settled down a bit and they are starting back up with releasing content, took a browse around their page and apparently they have a "3.0" line of videos coming out...
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    Re: Vstroker seems to be a dead product.

    Sadly, yes there is very little content released regularly, definitely no where near as advertised on their website(animated content each month? more like an average of 1 per year, with the majority...
  9. Re: Would you prefer your wife/girlfriend to age naturally or have plastic surgery?

    As far as cosmetic surgery in terms of facial lines and such are concerned, I feel like it is rarely done in a truly happy married couple. Usually it is a later aged single woman, or a woman in a not...
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    Re: "Bottoming Out" on girls

    There is a big difference between just tapping the cervix, and ramming at it. A number of women actually enjoy the sensation of mild stimulation on the cervix, but usually only lightly. If you start...
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    Re: Question about Flight textures

    The flights don't ship independently from their cases, so they aren't able to switch inserts/cases around, or so I was told the last time I contacted CS about it as I wanted the navigator sleeve but...
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    Re: Why "that" expression in porn pics?

    One could argue that partaking in the joys of one of the most popular male sex toys and being on forums dedicated to them would be a form of subculture :snicker:

    But ya, I get what you mean. Of...
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    Re: A very weird idea.

    Maybe Preditor22000 is on to something.
    Fleshlight should make a female condom, that has a thin layer fleshlight material on the inside with various textures for the men. Could dominate an otherwise...
  14. Re: POV virtual reality videos for Oculus Rift or similar devices

    As much as rift + Vstroker releases would be nice, it seems a bit far fetched.
    Vstroker isn't "technically" ILF's territory; by my understanding it is basically a different company that is allowed...
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    Re: Maintenance of ICE Fleshies.

    I wouldn't go so far to say that the powder doesn't have permanent effects, the factory powdering even when washed would still remain with a bit of cloudiness on the flights and Ice sleeves, and...
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    Re: Maintenance of ICE Fleshies.

    You can powder Ice sleeves, but after having an Ice that I regularly powder, then receiving the North Pole, I would recommend against it. The powder does take away the stickiness but it also clouds...
  17. Re: New relationship, how did it turn out after she saw your FL collection?

    I had obtained mine after being in a relationship as well...

    A couple years ago I had setup a basket of sorts for a holiday for us. It included a Hitachi Wand, Fleshlight, some flavored...
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    Sexy Costumes

    After seeing everything walking around on Halloween, it got me wondering why we don't have a gallery made of this already? Feel free to post costume porn, overly slutty costumes, just anything that...
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    Re: Want to give a nice gift to my BF!

    That's pretty cool. I have a few FL's and my girlfriend is well aware of my collection, in fact she got me the sex in a can trio last year as a gift. They are a nice varied purchase for the price,...
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    Re: Credit card data stolen

    Sadly, it could be a number of things.
    Your computer could have had spyware/malware on it at the time of either of these purchases, a security breach at the bank/steam/ILF (highly unlikely for any...
  21. Re: How sturdy are the cases/whole thing in general?

    this should basically sum it up:
  22. Re: How sturdy are the cases/whole thing in general?

    Between a mattress and flat frame, I wouldn't see any issues with it... But from your description I am picturing the little cheap freebie metal frames most mattresses come with that has an inch or 2...
  23. Re: Question: is there differences between a Pocket pussy and a Fleshlight?

    Having been a part of a generous (albeit extinct) reward program on an adult site a while back, I had a chance to own many different toys from various companies which comprised of many different...
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    Re: Looking for some help??

    You mentioned wanting one that feels the most like sex, the Texas Tornado seems to be the popular one around here for a more realistic experience, although I personally don't have one so I can't...
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    Re: Fleshlight Vibro for new user ?

    Just noticed you have narrowed it down to the STU and WW... sadly I don't have either of those so I can't chime in too much... however the vortex is pretty nice so I assume the WW would be similar......
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